Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 03, 2010 04:48AM

Ulster (empError) vs. Muscovy (Oscuro)
Grenada (myopia) vs. Greece (Rex)

Oscuro's start was a bit better than the others'. He took Sweden in turn 2, which in a few turn farmed from 20 to 40k. I waited with taking a farming +2 Norway until it was 60 or 70k, but for many turns, Oscuro kept taking it from me, so that I could not use it effectively. Rex soon got control over Africa up till Tunis. Myopia focused on central Europe, but Rex got control over all of Italy too. A +2 Macedonia was very helpful to Rex. I was developing a bit faster than Oscuro. Besides Norway, I had at least another +2, maybe even two, in the UK and the European coast. From Luxembourg, I sent some armies south into Rex's expanding territory, but it hurt him little, and it gave Oscuro the advantage in Germany. Myopia and me were already considering conceding, when Brittany revolted on me, in turn 54. Then we(st) conceded.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 03, 2010 05:13AM

Ulster (pokefan68) vs. Muscovy (empError)
Provence (paraxotin) vs. Nicaea (Aida)

I didn't know our opponents, and expected to be up against some noobish players. They developed pretty well, though. The only weakness I detected was that they seemed to keep over 100 of gold throughout the year, quite early in the game, when Aida and me were still spending all our money around this time. I quickly took forts in Saxony and Luxembourg, from where I launched some small attacks on para's Burgundy and pokefan's Flanders. Aida developed some pressure on para then. Pokefan took Luxembourg by a well-placed counter, and then 8 Saxonian defenders succumbed to 10 attackers, giving pokefan firm control in central Germany. Pokefan could probably have taken Poland, but he chose to keep a large force in Saxony, which was affordable considering the money he raised. Aida lost his pressure on paratoxin, and para took over the initiative, pushing Aida back in Africa, and putting pressure on Dalmatia and Napoli. I helped out around Austria, which seemed to balance the battle in the south, although I had to pay as much for maintenance of troops in Bohemia as pokefan paid for troops in Saxony.

I launched an attack through Scandinavia, and got to Scotland with Ulster empty, in turn 32. Pokeface got first turn, saving west from defeat. In turn 36 I again was in Scotland, with 22 armies. Pokeface attacked with his 23 from Ulster, so I expected to take Ulster in the counter, but this did not happen, which puzzled me at the time. I figured I had missed something. In this turn, both pokefan and me ran out of money, but I think I lost a lot more troops, mainly around Austria. Pokeface now had more lands than me, and pressure on Poland and Bohemia gradually increased. Paraxotin raised some large forces, getting him back in advantage in the south. Around turn 58 or so, I countered Bohemia from Poland, but again this did not happen, which was ashame because Bohemia bought full force. I then noticed that my cancel attack options were on 'attacked'. We were losing badly by that time. In turn 62, east conceded.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 10, 2010 06:24AM

Ulster (myopia) vs. Lithuania (LNO)
Aragon (empError) vs. Nicaea (Rex)

I had a fast early expansion, and soon I took 40k Genoa and some surrounding lands. Aquitaine revolted during development, however, setting me back substantially. LNO gained the advantage in the north, apparently with some luck in battle. After some difficulty taking Macedonia, Rex profited from a nice front (Macedonia and Dalmatia developed, I believe) to push my front back a bit. He also was swift to take Africa up to Tripoli, while I was just taking a fort in Algiers. We were quite balanced in the south, but LNO had a serious advantage over myopia, who was just holding out as long as possible. LNO took care of Austria, took my fort in Rhineland, and pushed me out of central Europe entirely. With that, Rex also got an advantage over me, and west conceded in turn 41.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 10, 2010 06:32AM

Ulster (empError) vs. Lithuania (LNO)
Aquitaine (Rex) vs. Nicaea (ZoxDaKilla)

LNO expanded rapidly, way faster than all other players. When I took my 5th country, LNO had 10, when I took my 6th, LNO had 12. Troop-building Norway blocked my way to Scandinavia, and England also built troops, although it stopped at 4, and it was developed. It cost me about 13 troops to take England. I had some nice +2 lands, in Holland, and I thought somewhere else too, but I forgot which land. But this was not enough to stop LNO's massive empire. Rex seemed to be doing alright in the south, but we decided to 'restart', which essentially means that west conceded, in turn 13.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 10, 2010 07:33PM

Ulster (empError) vs. Muscovy (myopia)
Aragon (JeePee) vs. Greece (spoxy)

I had a fast expansion to Flanders, Luxembourg, Saxony. A troop-building Sweden allowed me to take a fort in Norway easily. Spoxy got to Dalmatia, Hungary, and Austria quickly. Myopia and me were in balance for most of the game. Myopia had some powerful attacks through Scandinavia. 60 troops in Norway in one winter must have cost him dearly. He also got the northern part of Germany at some point, although I tended to dominate in Germany. JeePee slowly pushed spoxy back. Apparently spoxy focused more on backward development than on forward development.

Some miscommunication in the east lead to myopia attacking spoxy in Dalmatia. Spoxy left then, leaving victory for the west. By then, JeePee had control of most of Italy and Africa. I also seemed to be getting some advantage in the north.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 13, 2010 08:03PM

Ulster (Paars) vs. Muscovy (Oscuro)
Grenada (xi) vs. Greece (empError)

Oscuro had a great start, and soon he had a decent advantage over Paars. Xi and me built up evenly, and confronted each other around some interesting lands in Provence/Genoa, while Venetia gave me 2 armies per turn (50k+1 developed, or so). I didn't check out xi's lands at the start, but a bit later I noticed all the lands up till Tunis were advanced, while I had only Macedonia advanced, and bought development in Napoli. This was about turn 23 or so, and I had been developing steadily. Xi also had lots of money, and soon he was pushing me back. I had no clue how to save myself. Xi easily took Africa, and soon all lands up till Cyrenaica were advanced. Roma also got advanced, while I still had to advance Serbia. Oscuro still had some advantage over Paars, but it was not nearly as large as xi's advantage over me. Turn 32, I felt I would go down within a year. By turn 36, I was still alive, but east conceded.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 13, 2010 08:17PM

Ulster (empError) vs. Lithuania (Oz)
Aragon (Rex) vs. Nicaea (Paars)

Oz's start was a little better than the others'. Rex seemed to do well initially against Paars. Oz confronted Rex around Austria. By the time Holland and Hanover farmed to 40k, I confronted Oz at Brandenburg, to try and cut his supply line Poland-Bohemia-Austria. Rex suffered from Oz's intervention, and Paars moved up to Tunis, while for the rest the situation in the south still seemed balanced. I felt I had the better of Oz now, but then a 200+ army appeared in Finland, which had been out of my view in Muscovy before. I had enough money to avert the danger at Scotland, while maintaining my presence in Europe. Now Paars and me confronted each other in central Europe. The situation looked pretty balanced overall, but Oz gathered another large army in Lithuania, now something like 380 armies large. I had much less money now, and it looked doubtful whether I would be able to raise enough armies again. The army came through Scandinavia again, and it took Ulster in turn 40. West conceded then.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 13, 2010 08:35PM

Ulster (hst) vs. Muscovy (Oz)
Aquitaine (empError) vs. Nicaea (Rex)

Hst stayed a bit behind in his early expansion. Rex and me started out about even. We both went for a fort in Helvetica. Rex got first turn there, from where he could take the fort in Burgundy that I had left empty, and for which he got first turn. Battles then focused on Helvetica and Genoa, and Rex got control of most of Italy. I felt like I could get the upper hand again, with a little luck, although this moment just didn't come. Oz was pounding hst's defenses with ever-increasing armies coming through Scandinavia. In turn 31, west conceded.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: October 14, 2010 11:20AM

empError Wrote:

> Oz gathered another large army in Lithuania, now
> something like 380 armies large.
He seriously mannaged to get 380 armies in turn 36-37?

Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 15, 2010 06:14PM

Ulster (empError) vs. Muscovy (LNO)
Grenada (bubbagump) vs. Greece (Rex)

LNO's and Rex's starts were much better than bubba's and mine. LNO's presence in Norway urged me to raise armies in defense, slowing down my development. Rex got the upper hand in the south. For a while I could get control of Germany (Rhineland, Brandenburg), but when LNO started raising armies, west finally conceded, in turn 27.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 15, 2010 06:29PM

Ulster (Rex) vs. Livonia (Arpad)
Grenada (bubbagump) vs. Nicaea (empError)

Arpad had a great start, and a developed line to (and including) Poland. Rex's start and mine were a bit behind the others'. It didn't help Rex that Normandy, Brittany, and flanders were building troops. bubba had a +2 in Tangiers, I had several good lands a little further away (Austria, Syria, Palestine, Egypt). Bubba got quite far in Africa early in the game, but I could push him back to Tunis there. Whenever bubba got the upper hand in Central Europe, he had to confront Arpad around Austria, so that I could maintain control over Dalmatia and Napoli. Arpad retained the upper hand in the north, throughout the game. Apparently, he got many first turns and good ratios.

Turn 46, Arpad took Ulster, and west conceded.

Hallali had substituted for a few turns early in the game, when bubba d/c'd.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: hallali ()
Date: October 16, 2010 03:36AM

not only tangiers was +2 but sardinia and tripoli (both next to tunis) were also and developed in turn 10

Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 26, 2010 04:26PM

Ulster (Rex) vs. Prussia (empError)
Castile (alt) vs. Nicaea (Grrrr)

I moved up to Saxony through Bohemia, Rex to Hanover through Denmark, where we clashed. Initially, Rex pushed me back to Poland, while he also took Sweden and a bit later Luxembourg. Grrrr quickly captured all of Italy, battling alt around Provence. After a while, I noticed that alt had advanced Tangiers, Algiers, and a line up to Aquitaine, while Grrr had Macedonia developed, as well as most other lands. I thought Grrrs advantage would be short-lived, but still he appeared able to hold his ground in Italy, although alt was making some progress in Africa. But Grrr got to Normany, turn 27, I believe, from where he took England in the winter of turn 28, thanks to alt not attacking Normandy. This gave me a definite advantage in central Europe. Grrr now had Macedonia advanced, as well as many of his lands between Nicaea and Africa. I then also got some nice results defending a fort in Hanover, and I took a fort in Flanders, which may have been advancing. Rex then wanted to concede, and left the game. Alt then also called gg.

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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: August 05, 2013 01:35AM

Northumberland (Gratis) vs. Muscovy (Hallali)

Provence (Finz) vs Nicaea (Malakira)

The match began with expectations of Finz being the noob we thought he was; however he farmed and cultured his lands well enough, though awkwardly at 30k and 50k, he managed to get a 50k advanced venetia before I could even develop Macedonia.

The battle in the north began cautiously however as soon as Hallali began putting pressure on Austria Gratis pulled himself together in the center bombarding Poland until I had to cover the Balkans for Hallali.

From then to mid-game the battle in the south was a slaughterfest along Hungarian/Austrian lines, Dalmatian/Venetian lines, Bohemian/Polish lines, and Scandinavian lines

Hallali was able to keep Gratis in check through denying first moves toward Poland and having superiority over the scandinavian region pushing through to Hanover and Scotland, however she had to endure 125-100 army production ratios for most of the game.

Fortunately stable culturing and farming allowed me to gain production capabilities that exceeded Finz's slightly allowing me to establish a superb supply line to tunis, taking advantage of the fort allowing me to hassle his breadbasket enough to make him lose armies in winters and gain sufficient numbers to counter the positional advantage Finz had over me.

To summarize Hallali and I used our flanks to the optimum advantage available and used them to win.


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Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: March 13, 2015 03:17PM

Northumberland (KrazyKat) vs Muscovy (Gratis2)
Grenada (Rex) vs Nicaea (Gratis)

East required a restart after Rex having trooping lands & bad luck. I had OK starts and was left with angry feeling. After I checked Spain: Portugal was forted with 3 troops and Leon had 4 troops (turn 6). Alltough they all were 30-40k pop.

The image: []


Northumberland (Rex) vs Muscovy (Gratis2 --> Vox)
Grenada (KrazyKat) vs Nicaea (Gratis)

We restarted with same setup, expect Rex and KKat switched positions. I was able to advance Nicaea's front very quickly and started pushing to KKat. The North was pretty stable. Gratis2 had good lands with proper waiting of them to finish dev/farm.

In turn 8/9 Vox took over Gratis2 (Muscovy). I told him to wait Sweden to advance (turn 16) and Poland to dev (turn 11). Poland managed to develop in time and he took it right away facing Rex in Brandenburg allready. In turn 14 Rex attacked to Sweden and ruined its advancing. (In the after game chats Rex said he had to attack it even if it had 4 armies, either option [attack or not to attack] weren't good for him.) At the time Vox had built up Finland up to 70k +1 adv and he was ready to push strongly.

In the south I was able to advance Austria, Venetia and the African lands. KrazyKat built up Aquitane, Provence and Burgundy (the last one had keep). We were fighting back and forth. Vox was getting better up in the north, he was making serious threats to Scotland and England. Few turns later East gave up as Vox took Scotland and I was able to roll into Tunis, Burgundy and Provence.

I accidentaly forgot to capture the screen.

Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: March 13, 2015 04:00PM

Northumberland (Polke) vs Muscovy (Gratis2 --> regalr)
Grenada (zzz) vs Nicaea (Gratis)

Nicaea had +2 next to it (Natolia) and I was able to conquer it right away turn #2. The start was OK with good caps, allthough east was leading at the very beginning. The Scandavia became the scene for the first battles as Polke took Scotland and I was able to capture Sweden. Muscovy didn't have any devs at the start so it was hard to push at all without stopping the devlopment of the next-to-cap-lands. Polke had bad ratios but was able to push to Sweden for few turns. Anyhow, I was able to push back and all the way to Scotland.

At the time regalr logged on and took over Gratis2's position. In the south Natolia became my second capital very fast, so I was able to advance Nicaea and Dalmatia, followed by Venetia and Austria. Zzz focused to build up Provence and the southern way. Podolia did a great job starting as 30k +1 dev and advancing in turn 12, which provided regalr a good change to push forward. He managed to advance Podolia and Poland quite quickly, while fighting with Polke aroud the German lands.

Zzz pushed strongly the southern way to Napoli, and hold it for few turns while I was still building up the Macedonia Sicilia and Tunis were forted so it reduced my will to push there too much. I focused to advance Egypt and farm my middle front up.

Regalr gave up Scandanavian a little in order to make strong middle. He was able to farm his lands (Ie. Muscovy to 80k) and still push stronly at middle. He managed to advance Brandenburg. I pushed to Luxembourg and Reg took Holland, giving us +300 points lead on the score. A little later they gave up, around turn 30.

The image: []

Re: results 2 vs 2, b
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: April 15, 2015 09:55PM

Squeegie & Squishy (aka Squeegie2) vs Dreadnaught & Goliath - diagonal map Europe 1200

Everyone was about even until we met... but Dread was cornered by the 2 Squeeges. So Dread's score began to lag and Goliath's score began to soar. Dread immediately complained.

The trend continued where Dread's score lagged alot and Goliath's score soared far above the Squeeges. The team lead fluctuated every couple turns. Was a great match! Goliath was putting tremendous pressure on both fronts causing the Squeeges to turn their attention away from Dread. No kill was in sight for many years.

Then Dread left. He complained enough to convince me he left out of frustration. Sad. Was a great fight and would have continued to be a great fight. No idea who would have won had he stayed.

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