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need help with my memory
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: March 14, 2010 07:26PM


1. Myopia, Tunis
2. Scum, Morocco
3. Muriel, Brandenburg
4. Ghost, Cyrenaica
5. Malakira, Palestine
6. Sovereign, Norway
7. Conquestion, Lithuania
8. IceQueen, Eire
9. Master, Macedonia
10. Vintage, Cyrenaica
11. Izzlekizzle, Wallachia
12. Kitten, Leon

13. Sirbela, Normandy
14. Gazi, Nicaea
15. YAHG, Finland
16. Xerxes, Austria

History of FFA

Turn 5, Sirbela took out juanv8 who had left the turn before.

Turn 12, Izzle kills master, and YAHG kills conquestion

Turn 13, Malakira kills ghost

Turn 16, Scum gets Kitten's capital (which for some reason is 50k dev)

Muriel kills Sovereign about same time

Turn 20 Icequeen kills sirbela, myopia kills malakira

Turn 36 the resurrected Master from russia kills muriel

Turn 50 master kills gazi

Turn 58 master killed xerxes and izzlekizzle

Turn 63 Gazi takes over icequeen, gazi, scum, myopia 3v1 against master

ghost played as both finland for 3 turns and as eire for a bit

Turn 87 Master takes Gazi's capital

Turn 88 Scum takes Myopia's capital, concedes

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