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Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: March 28, 2010 10:53PM

March 28th FFA


Wallachia, Two-worlds
Ile de France, James
Ulster, Sovereign
Hanover, Myopia
Tunis, Icequeen
Cyprus, Sirbela
Roma, Malakira
Lithuania, Master
Grenada, Arta
Greece, Ghost
Dalmatia, Darkmonkey
Rhineland, LeResistance
Egypt, Evilbastard
Norway, Steen
Finland, Adrien
Morocco, Havoc

Morale has been at a low for FFA devotees. Timid play, quiet wars, silent alliances, even years of peace had slithered into FFA. With low expectations, the 5th 16 player FFA of 2010 began, and I was prepared for another dull game.

I. Was. WRONG! What a great FFA! For anyone that was starting to feel down, the chaos, intrigue, and all out wars are back!


Anyways, on to the recap!

From the beginning, exciting times in Europe!

Some new faces have appeared on the scene, and unfortunately, they did not get to stay in the game for too long. Steen was a potential dagger in the backs of Sovereign, myself, and Adrien, and we all agreed he should be wiped out. Adrien and I advanced our armies on turn 3, and Steen's capital fell on turn 4. Confusion ruled in the Balkans, with wars revolving around Darkmonkey in Dalmatia, with Malakira, Leresistance, Ghost, and Two-Worlds being involved in the scuffle. Darkmonkey found himself in the eye of the storm, and unfortunately for him, the eye closed on turn 8 and Dalmatia feel to TW. Around turn 12 Master takes Adrien's capital, although Adrien had left 2 turns earlier. Perhaps he could have delayed the attack, but with only 1 backland Adrien was assured to fall sooner or later.

Leresistance had asked to take Saxony, to which I replied if he wanted peace he had better not take it. I, not wanting peace, took it and threatened Leresistance's capital with 12 armies. Unfortunately, his 7 armies stood valiantly, and Malakira found his way into the fray as well. However, on turn 12 a single army of mine launched a surprise attack in the Rhineland, turning the tide. In the Spanish peninsula, war had been constantly raging almost since the beginning, with Havoc fighting with Arta. In a very humourous turn of events, James bided his time until turn 18, launching an attack on Grenada, taking it in turn 19. However, Arta was not to be denied, so on the same turn Arta decided to completely wipe out Havoc, with Icequeen swooping in for Morocco's carcass.

A Monster Is Born

Sovereign did not enjoy this turn of events, and on turn 21 took Jame's capital, while assisting me against Malakira and the remnants of LeResistance's forces. In response, Two-worlds began moving against me, and although Leresistance would resist no more, Malakira, Two-Worlds, and James found themselves against pitted against Myopia and Sovereign. In the middle east, Evilbastard found himself hammered between Sirbela and Icequeen, falling in turn 24 to Icequeen. On the same turn, with most of Sirbela's forces fighting Evilbastard, Ghost coyly apologized and then launched his own attack, taking Cyprus on turn 25.

The same turn that Sirbela fell, Master declared war on TW. TW could not resist a parting shot at my capital, which held, and Wallachia was annexed by Master's Lithuania on turn 27. After TW fell, Ghost felt free to attack Malakira. Master continued his momentum and crushed me on turn 32. Malakira held off the coming of the Ghost Division as long as he could, but on turn 36 Malakira was forced to live through the haunting nightmare of his capital being taken. Master and Ghost agreed to war in 4 turns at some point, and when the preparations were complete, Master had about a 120 army advantage over Ghost. Icequeen picked off some of Ghost's backlands, and like two games ago, the specter of mighty Master loomed over nearly half of Europe.

Ashes to Ashes

You remember James, who lost his capital on turn 21? Well, with Malakira's support out of the picture, Sovereign proceeded to continue sacking France almost at will. For most, that would be enough to surrender, but for James, it was only an exciting challenge. Through grit, perseverence, and abilities I never knew, he held out and slowly was turning things around. As I kept most of my attention on the battle in the east, I steadily grew amazement at Jame's powers, or perhaps Sovereign's lack thereof.

Ghost seemed completely finished when Icequeen began picking at his backlands around turn 39. However, I was surprised when she then solely devoted herself to attacking Master. It seems that in a stunning land-for-war program, Ghost had mortgaged his territory to battle against Master. This mercenary act garnered my grudging admiration, I would certainly be too stubborn to do that and probably fall quickly.

With the battle fully joined, it was a see-saw battle raging across Central Europe and the Balkans. Master would push the Greeks, but then have to tend to the ~400/armies that Icequeen would push through Central Europe. The first crack appeared when Master launched huge counterattacks at Macedonia, punching a hole through, sacking Greece on turn 48. Icequeen had her armies waiting however, and pushed back, taking and keeping Macedonia at a standstill, allowing ghost to regain his capital.

This battle continued for some time, with Icequeen slowly holding on to the Genoan area more firmly, when disaster struck, on turn 57 she disconnected. She would return turn 58 but would not have control until turn 59. The damage was done however- with her idle armies, Master chased Ghost to the Middle East, when on turn 66 Ghost finally was finished off.

By this time, James was in firm control of England and pushing Sovereign in his capital. Master intervenes, sending 300 troops westward to prevent the fall of Ulster, preferring a distracted France to a fully committed France in the coming 2v1 against Tunis. Master's dreams were left unfulfilled, as on turn 72 Sovereign lost Ulster, forced into a guerilla battle in Scandinavian, that was relatively shortlived.

The rest of history I must hope that Master or James can give you more details, as I left at this time. Ghost replaced IQ on turn 72, and Madman replaced Ghost at some point later. James would up the winner turn 95, in a truly stunning turn of events. My heartiest congratulations to James, with IMO the most powerful display of skill, perseverence, and the heart of a champion of any winner in a FFA thus far.

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Re: Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: : ()
Date: March 29, 2010 06:54AM

What about mentioning the fact that Sovereign attacked me like a real pussy?
Why did you think i left?

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Re: Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: March 29, 2010 07:10AM

hmm, James won? When i read it, i was so sure Master would win it..

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Re: Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: ghost. ()
Date: March 29, 2010 11:47AM

GO JAMES!!!!!!! What a true survivor and a true FFAer. And Myopia i had no choice but to let ICequeen in on the act against master as soo without her for a single turn i would have lost. But what a truly grat game and hopefully a even better one next time. (i only wish i had attack master before hand as i had planned but with Myopia out and soveriegn not joining in a thought i had no chance :(

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Re: Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: TravisResist ()
Date: March 29, 2010 02:55PM

i feel saddened that i fell ..i was a sure winner but props to james as france

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Re: Weekly FFA recaps
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: April 01, 2010 06:15PM

i was just a just in the crossroads i was bound to fall i could have played smarter


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