Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: goodbye ()
Date: December 23, 2011 07:42PM

Sorry this is my first post in the forum. After being kicked out today just for asking questions, I have decided not to play anymore. I have seen openly racist comments here tolerated, but Lolcracker's joke, something along the lines of "this comment is offensive" got him muted. After asking questions, I got no answer from Hallali. Then I said I will not play if it is like this. Finally she responded, saying, more or less, that it is no problem for her if I never play...and then kicked me out. For me, this is completely unacceptable. I have played this game for around one year and I have never caused any problems. I have really enjoyed the nice games. I thank you everyone for the fun. Also I thank the creators of this game, for making a great game - for free.

Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: December 23, 2011 09:47PM

Reyn, sorry to see you go. Best of luck out there in the cold, cold world.

Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: January 19, 2012 10:12AM

we had our differences, but sorry to see you go...

had a similar situation with hallali in the period of nozy/best's antisemitism. he was muted for one hour for his antisemitic remarks, while i was banned for one day for calling him a nazi for that. go figure.

anyway, reynard, good luck irl, it's ok to look back every once in a while. i've already quit this game a couple of times )))

Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: shotz ()
Date: January 21, 2012 01:09PM

Kinda funny that there really is only 20 players around here and we are kicking and banning people? Seems like with the amount of people you should just deal with it.... I have never seen enough shit in here even with a few ass hats to be banned. This is the internet not your kitchen table. Reynard don't let people who think there special make your decisions. Quit don't quit but don't let a power trip decide your game play peace.

Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: XuuL ()
Date: January 31, 2012 03:01PM

Hey Reynard,

Hallali and you are so nice persons. There must be any sort of misunderstanding. Maybe both of you had a bad day or sth like that? What was going wrong that it leaded to such hard consequences from your side?

I am pretty much sure that Hallali doesnt want to quit you playing, as we all dont want you to.

Hope you come back one day,


Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: February 19, 2012 03:26AM

i will not comment on hallali being a nice person or not, that's not even relevant. but she definitely is a crappy moderator for being completely arbitrary and even taking pride in that.

Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: February 20, 2012 04:53PM

It amazes me that I haven't been banned ...


Re: Reynard says goodbye
Posted by: grehhdf ()
Date: September 12, 2012 04:29AM

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Re: Reynard says goodbye
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