Player's Story
Posted by: live4games ()
Date: March 13, 2012 08:46AM

Heya guys,
Soon i will be 20 years old.. i think its 4-5 years ago, when i searched in the internet for free online multiplayer games.. i found 2 games wich made my hell addicted and i played them day and night.. one of the games i found was Conqueror(the other one is CS2D). im still addicted to both of them and play them alot, but the community on conqueror is active like Attila's sexlife(just kidding^^).
whenever i want to play a good teamgame and i come online i just see like 3 players in the lobby.. i used to play FFA when i started, as soon as i realized ffa is boring as hell i found my new love in teamgames.. i was getting better and better everytime.. i read all tactics and shit in the forums to grow my own experience..
one day this nolifing kid adrien with a millions of nicknames said that he will leave the conq szene and searched for a successor for him and asked me.. so yeah he teached me alot and helped me, watched my gameplay and helped me to improve myself alot, but i never could play like him with his style, i found my own.
to explain my own gameplay: i take the best lands first and make armies with it and try to find the fastest way to the enemy nomatter where my starting position is. its veeery effective at the start but after that you are a easy target if you cant keep up with your opponent. i advance very late and always after the enemy, but many times i have the capital advanced and 60k before my opponent.
my target in a 3vs3 is always the middle guy. if im too in the middle and i have good lands then its already over muhahaha xD..
i dont remember a game where i didnt get called as a "lucker" but i cant wait and lean back until i have luck, i grab it. in conq you can have much luck, very much. so never be afraid to do some risky moves and shit ya know.
i love every land expect grenada and muscovy. you just cant attack the middle guy with it :-P ...
ah hope i didnt forgot anything.. oh yeah.. i love to make fun about the enemy and take their motivation down.. its funny lol
okey now about few other hobbies i have.. all kind of sports.. music, chillin with friends or go out in clubs.. im working.. my music and clothing style is hiphop like.. blablablubla..
oh yeah and i like photoshopping..
here somethings i made for friends..:
i did alot of more shit.. not just signatures.. but cant find em all.. im to lazy right now.. also website graphics and logos.. ah who cares..

and this here i made for fun for the conqueror game.. i think.. i was bored..:

if you ever wondered how this stupid little kid looks like here some pics of my naked face(yeah i know i look younger then i am.. and i really dont care :-P):

here a website i made freaking long time ago lollol i know its bad..:
[] made it for a clan..

here my youtube channel with some very short intros..:

it would be cool if more people would post their introductions here or whatever.. cuz im fken bored lol.. if not idc it was worth a try to make this cheap forum more active..
hopefully we get someday a new forum..
oh and my contacts:
skype: hotfever616
steam: live4games
xfire: cs2dplayer
facebook: boyzinthewoodz

just add me where ever you want and talk to me.. i always try to help others.. but im sometimes lazy lol

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: live4games ()
Date: March 14, 2012 05:32PM

comn somebody else post his intro. thats cool, thats fun and if you dont its makin me looking like a homosexual
about your conqueror history or whatever xDD

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Re: Player's Story
Posted by: XuuL ()
Date: March 16, 2012 05:43PM

hey l4g, u should join the facebook group.. some ppl are writing over there


Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: March 18, 2012 10:09PM

ha I'm too lazy to write my story but I enjoyed reading yours maybe later I'll put up something more substantial

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: March 18, 2012 10:30PM

Well no one is on tonight but an unresponsive lance, so I'll type what I can.

Back in 2006 was when I started playing this game. We had played a drunken game of Risk which lead to some googling, some other games and eventually this. I was anti-social back then on here, and my name was attack and all I did was attack without developing or chatting. Convinced everyone else was hacking as 10k countries suddenly become 500k, I quit for about a year. I picked a new name of Myopia cause I thought it sounded cool and looked up what it meant later and realized it applies as I do wear glasses.

Man thats so lame, but my writing inspiration has abandoned me. I'm a CoD junkie, and loooooove anything food related.

Oh l4g posted his style, I guess I'll post mine as best I can think of it. I value momentum over most everything else, so if the choice is solid lands or lands I think give positional advantage, like a troop producing country 2 steps from my opponent, I'll usually rush for that land. I also like building up forces throughout the year, and gather them in my cap, which I learned I think from Oz. Finally, during large scale games I use the farm/castle to armies switch quite often starting in autumn and switching to armies in spring, when it is fully advanced country and takes 3 turns to produce, resulting in cheap armies overall.

Finally, no matter how much time left this game and community has, I've greatly appreciated what its offered so far. Besides the gameplay, the social aspect is a strong part of what kept me here. Also, I'm done aliasing, so here are some that I have done over the years-

redeemer (created this to get better and mad I lost to rex 3x in 1v1 in a row lol)
dreamer (similar reason to catch paars, and then he made redrose lol )
silence ( multiple people have used this one tho )

Could be more but I can't think of them now.

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: March 24, 2012 02:55AM

Lol, so ur dreamer aye?

Anyway I started this game in the summer of 2007 I think. My first game was a closed game vs Amaterazu and my brother. They ganged up on me and I lost, but it was probably the most fun conquerorgame I ever played.

I got into the game more and more, back then teamgames where a rare thing, I hated them(1v1 also) pretty much cuz it was too much for me to comprehense. Also the maps where never fair compared to the maps we have today.

As time passed I got into teamgames more and more and as most people know I rocked at it! I became 1 of the very best of players but sadly never the best. Obviously Master always was the stronger 1. ;)

Well that summarizes it I guess.

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: live4games ()
Date: March 30, 2012 03:39PM

nice stories. i remember redeemer, dreamer and myopia. so that is you lol. i always thougt dreamer is paars for some reason i dont remember.
didnt knew that there is a fb group, im not very active on any social network(expect skype/phone) but i joined it :)

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: May 30, 2012 09:45AM

hey live4games, gotta admit this league of legends game is addicting! im errantdreamer on there

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: eph ()
Date: May 31, 2012 01:45AM

hi i started playing around 2009, as my real name Edwin then Sir-Edwin, then ephedrine and last year or so as eph for whispering reasons. i remember trying to avoid *madman* at all cost because he would take my cap every time we met in ffas, seems things have turned around nowa days hehe.
i also remember getting my ass kicked by a guy called *Shadow* duno if you guys ever remember that name. this guy actualy stalked me for a few days in FFA games trying to kill me thats were i learnd to protect my cap at all times.I met a guy named paars and we talked about our problems and addictions then spent many hours on msn chating about strategies and showd me some good strats,I also remember showing *malakira* (new player at the time) how to save up then buy large armies in strategic places in spring when i was getting good.
my catch frase in the game is "thats called getting ephed up" when im kicking some one bad or just before taking there cap

allas this is my final part in conq as i am currently laid off with a 4 year old son and must cut out things that are not necessities (net, cable, phone etc) luckily i own some land and will be growing all my own vegetables this summer and some fruit( i have 2 fruit trees in yard and one plum).
i wish you all many hours of play on this great game that i love, i hope one day when i get service again this game will still be here with all my many friends i have made over the years still playing and cursing about the damn ratios. i would like to mention some names that i feel are close to me as i do not have many friends in real life so i consider these peeps my real friends

paars,madman,myopia,shotz,squeeeege,keysersoze,altviro,tomjoad82,lord,malakira,Best,Leres,Rex,ibg,Jfineman i hope im not forgeting any one its late and i canot think any more see you around one day D^.;

you got enemies? ...Gooood that means you stood UP for something in your life

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Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Flavius ()
Date: July 09, 2012 03:51AM

First of all.. Cool idea of a forum topic. Always fun to see how other and for my sake, more experienced players started.

But unlike those of you that have posted already my story aint that long.
Started some years back when I like most of you found this game after some time of googling strategy games. At first it was me and my friend that played together mostly 1v1 games or ffa with password. We used it to pass the time in school but I quickly got kindda addicted to it and started playing at home aswell and soon was able to defeat my friend with ease (which made him quit the game). I continued to play even after he stopped and now under other nicks. Still only played for myself and never really joined the social life of conq. Something I'm beginning to change now.

I dont really have a certain style of play because my strategy is different for each game based on starting position, countries next to capital and the location of my closest enemies. Also I only play 16 player ffa, havent tried any of these teamgames that is so popular.

This is also my first post ever in this forum and hoping that even though conq seems to be slowly dying, I will be able to try some of those teamgames and even perhaps beat some of you. :)

My current and most likely that nick that I always will be using is Flavius.. meaning the blonde :)

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: July 11, 2012 02:10PM

Howdy Flavius look forward to playing with you!

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Flavius ()
Date: July 11, 2012 07:05PM

likewise Myopia :)

Re: Player's Story
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: August 11, 2012 08:45AM

i found the link to conqueror on an SEO blog (seriously), and i remember 98% of u fgts when u were noobs. and most of u still are.

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