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Aliens eating my brains
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: May 08, 2012 08:19PM

Quetzacoalt: I didn't think I could be DTH.
Squeegie: I still don't think you can beat DTH.
Quetzacoalt: Explain.
Squeegie: I helped alot against DTH or he would have killed you.
Quetzacoalt: After I read the forum I could beat you and Roker.
Squeegie: You can read all you want, you won't beat me or Rocker.
Quetzacoalt: It's all about efficiency. Just like war (in real life).
Quetzacoalt: I can beat you.
Squeegie: Let me know when you can beat me 1v1 and I'll be ready.
Squeegie: There's much more to this game (and war) than just efficiency.
Quetzacoalt: I know war. I am an ex officer in the Canadian forces.
Squeegie: Yes, that makes you an expert at war and online gaming.
Quetzacoalt: The world will end due to pollution before the next war. Ecology will kill us all.
Quetzacoalt: The government is hiding proof of aliens.
Squeegie: So you're now an expert in online gaming, war, ecology, and aliens.
Squeegie: I don't think there is any proof of aliens being on earth.
Quetzacoalt: Ever heard of the Nazi bell project?
Squeegie: no
Quetzacoalt: Look it up.
Squeegie: What does Nazis using partical excellerators have to do with aliens?
Quetzacoalt: I never said it did.
Squeegie: You implied it.
Quetzacoalt: Well, look up the [something else alien-like that I forgot what was]
Squeegie: You put too much trust in things you read online.
Squeegie: Let me know when you're done reading and can beat me 1v1.
Quetzacoalt: Next time I'm on I'll let you beat me.
Squeegie: No, you said you could beat me and I called you out... there is no "let you win".
Quetzacoalt: [more mumblings about being abducted by aliens or something]

**as always, all quotes are close approximations

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Re: Aliens eating my brains
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: May 09, 2012 02:35PM

I'll give you a tip: don't trust Iron Sky. []

Btw the director is finnish :)

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Re: Aliens eating my brains
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: May 19, 2012 01:17PM

Part 6 of the saga: The Final Chapter?

Quetzacoalt: (playing terribly in Grenada and losing miserably to Timmyaki) "aww fuck you you fucking putz"
*Quetzacoalt leaves the 3v3 before it's over*
Squeegie: "What an ass"
IceQueen: "lol"
Timmyaki: "what a little bitch"

*now in lobby chat*
Squeegie: "baby come back"
Quetzacoalt: "tired of being screwed"
Squeegie: "ok, then quit and don't join 3v3 ever again"
Quetzacoalt: "i quit this game forever"
Quetzacoalt: "bye"
James: "lol"
Squeegie: "good riddens"

Have we seen the end of this putz? I'd guess no... but perhaps we'll see him using a different name next time. Hopefully with a slightly better attitude or the silent type.

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Re: Aliens eating my brains
Posted by: Flavius ()
Date: July 11, 2012 04:57AM

what a joke.. but he did give you some kind of warning to explain his behaviour.. he did say he was canadian.. and i think we all know how they can be.

Gratis.... not something to be proud of. i read that he also is the lead singer in some finnish heavy metal band. :D

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