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Jojm0 vs Squeegie
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: July 10, 2013 10:39PM

After Jojm0 (aka no) was teaching me how to "death push" in our last game and I questioned his ability to know how to kill... he challenged me to a 1v1.

I set up the tourney map (France vs Trans). He wanted an AI, so I added AI in Norway. AI attacked me in England approximately turn 8 and he never let up.

It was a grueling 26 turns before jojm0 quit. I had a 99.8627% chance of getting his cap on turn 28. Thank you for teaching me the death push jojm0!

-The Squeeginator

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Re: Jojm0 vs Squeegie
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: July 14, 2013 11:17PM

jojm0 seems to have forgotten the first time I beat him 1v1 and continued to run his mouth. jojm0 vs squeegie Round 2 was played on his terms... Rhine vs Poland

Honestly it took longer than expected. Somewhere around turn 22 I won.

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