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How to Kill
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: July 14, 2013 02:00PM

Killing usually equates to taking your enemy's capital.

1) Determine the shortest path between your cap and the enemy cap. (note there may be more than 1 path of equal distance)
2) Starting at the enemy cap, count 4 provinces towards your cap along that path. This is where you want a HUGE army during the Winter prior to the Winter you plan to kill the enemy. Reason: This is the spot closest to your cap that can reach the enemy cap the following Winter. Being closer to your cap is important because the further your armies are during Winter, the more expensive they are.

That's all!

A couple further thoughts:
1) You don't want to own the lands between your big army and the enemy cap. If you own one, there is a chance you could lose it before your army can move there... thus thwarting your kill.
2) You don't want any unnecessary armies besides your big army. You should be using most (possibly all) your other lands for coin to support your big army. If you're not, then you could have afforded a bigger army to attack the enemy cap. You may need that bigger army to make the kill.
3) Plan your big army well in advance. Example: Grenada vs Ulster: Grenada's army should be in Gascony in Winter (4 moves from Ulster). During Spring and Summer Grenada, Leon, Aragon, and Castile can be making* troops for the big army. During Fall Aragon and Castile can still be making troops. All these troops can be moved to Gascony by Winter. *Note that making troops is cheaper/more efficient than buying troops; however, you will also likely be buying troops to get the biggest army possible.
4) Unless you have a lot of lands (for coining), you cannot afford to make/send a big army every year. If your first big attack doesn't take the cap, take as many lands close to the enemy cap as possible. It will probably be 2 years before your next big attack; keep that in mind as you plan your attacks and troop building.

There's plenty more nuances, but this should be a good start for all your who desire to be unnaturally born killers.

Happy Killing!

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Re: How to Kill
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: July 19, 2013 12:17AM

I can't believe I went my whole life without knowing this strategy O_O


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