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Fog Of War Rules
Posted by: XuuL ()
Date: January 16, 2014 04:15PM

The Fog Of War follows these easy rules:

1. You see only your lands and those of your allies in a team game
2. Every land sees only its neighbor lands
3. Castles increase sight by 1 for each level
4. Diplomats increase sight by their squareroot rounded down
5. Castles and diplomats are not cumulative
6. If the host customizes the map, then all capitals are visible to the lobby

- Forts increases sight by 1
- Keep increases sight by 2
- Castle increases sight by 3
- 1 Diplomat increases sight by 1
- 4 Diplomats increase sight by 2
- 9 Diplomats increase sight by 3
- 16 Diplomats increase sight by 4
- 25 Diplomats increase sight by 5
- ...

Another major change comes with team games map creation. You can now rely on following balanced auto-generated maps:

China: 1on1, 2on2
Europe: 1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 4on4
TGL: 1on1, 2on2, 3on3

We added them to provide you a real fog of war experience without knowing your enemies caps. Well, of course the auto-generation is not 100% perfect and it has about a 3% chance of generating a crazy map.

We also played around with some special units like cannons and knights to improve the game but we did not add them to the release. We just could not find a simple integration of them into the game in our spare time.

So thats it about the Fog Of War. We hope you enjoy and don't get lost in the mist!


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Re: Fog Of War Rules
Posted by: IzzleKizzle ()
Date: January 18, 2014 12:49PM

Xuul - this is excellent.

Let's make a map of Los Angeles and implement a similar game feature: "Smog of LA"

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