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Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 14, 2014 02:05PM

This thread is intended to help those who would like to learn different or more advanced strategies to improve understanding of the game. Mostly the focus is intended for team games.

Let me start off by saying that not every strategy works in every game, but it sure helps to have some options.

In my opinion Conqueror at it's heart is a game of economics and knowing what to build when and where are all very important. To understand the basics of this please read Strategy of Paars.

Now for the Tactics.

Forts in key positions:
If a fort is directly in your line of access to your opponent you want to have control of it as early as possible. 1) for sight 2) for defense. Forts may not always give you the defense you want when you want it but they have turned the tides of many games and will continue to do so.

Knowing when to retreat:
There will be times that you can cost your enemy a lot of resources by taking a step back in Winter instead of pushing forward. Just be sure that the lands your abandon are not vital to your own success should your attempt fail to cost your enemy large numbers.

Knowing what lands to take:
Both when expanding and when capturing lands from an enemy you want to gain as much as you can for yourself and prevent production in enemy lands. When you are faced with choosing to capture a Developed land with 10 armies in it VS a primitive land with 7 armies in it and you only have 9 armies to attack with which land do you attack? If taking the primitive land cuts off more resources/advancement or armies in winter or if it gives you better positioning for a follow-up attack. this is requires little though and should be a priority move. If however both lands are middle lands and nothing will be cut off and no position gained I believe it is best to take your chances capturing the developed land despite worse odds as it affords your enemy larger gains to their economy.

Knowing when to support your teammates:
In team games, especially in 3 vs 3 games that are so popular knowing when to support your teammates is vital to your whole team's success or failure. Sitting in your lands farming and advancing while your teammates are being attacked 2v1 or 3vs2 is not acceptable unless your teammates have VERY dominant scores and resources. Every turn a teammate has to fight off YOUR direct opponent is a turn that their own direct opponent is getting stronger and catching back up.

Knowing what lands to farm:
Do you buy your farms or do you let them farm up on their own? Depending on where you need your resources and if you need to counter a battle will determine buying with gold or letting it farm up on it's own.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 14, 2014 11:25PM

Continuation of Knowing what lands to farm:

Squeegie just posted about advanced farming so I'm going to steal his post and put it in here.

Advanced Farming
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: February 14, 2014 03:47AM

When should you continue to farm advanced lands? This has been a weakness in my game, but I have made great strides recently to improve.

For farming/developing lands prior to advancement, I defer you to Paar's Strategy Guide also in this forum.

Some thoughts:
If a farm takes 1 turn, build the farm (some exceptions should be made for front lands where you need troops immediately).
If a farm takes 3 turns, don't build it.

That leaves the gray area, 2 turn farms.

If a farm takes 2 turns, keep in mind that in general a farm serves 1 of 2 main production purposes:
-More Coin Per Turn
-More Troops Per Turn (both the number it naturally builds and the additional number you can buy)

Coin: Remember that taking 2 turns to build a farm essentially costs you 2 turns worth of coin production ($70 for a 60k+0). And each farm raises your coin production by $6. So it takes you 14 turns to recoup your investment on a 60k+0 land (2 turns to build + 12 turns coining). It takes longer on bigger lands or +1/+2 lands to recoup your investment because you give up more $$ during the 2 turns it takes to build the farm and your return is still only $6/turn.

Now consider what that $70+ could have done early in the game (buy dev/adv in front lands or buy troops to take more land) vs what the $6/turn will do for you later in the game. In general earlier game coin is much more valuable than later game coin. Thus I stray away from farming lands that I use for coin.

Troops: Troops near your front lines are essential. If your opponent can make 30 troops/turn in the front while you can only make 25/turn, you will lose ground.

In order to farm front lands without allowing your opponent to overtake you due to reduced troop levels... You should build alot of troops in the lands behind your front lands the turns prior to farming. Then while you're farming you can move those troops forward to protect your land. Once farming is complete, you can continue marching toward the enemy cap with increased troop production.

*in addition to more troops, you also get the slight advantage of that land supporting 1 more troop every winter. This will save you a little $$.
One other non-production reason to farm:
Spreading Influence: Once a land is developed/advanced AND Supportive or Devoted, it will spread your influence to neighbor lands. Larger lands spread influence quicker. So I often build/buy farms in front lands once they are Supportive to spread influence quicker even if I don't plan on using them for troops in the future.

Note: Farming lands that are not devoted will actually slow down their devotion because larger lands take longer to devote.


If you're farming your back lands or your front lands just remember that you need to still be able to push your enemy back and you need armies for that. You can buy armies and march them forward as Squeegie has suggested and build a farm in the lands you want increased or you can simply get them space or sit armies on them to keep them safe while you buy a farm.

I see far too many people stretching themselves in short games to try and get to 80-90-and-100k population while their teammates are getting crushed. The additional farms are important in longer games but remember it takes time to recover the cost of building and if you go too hard you risk being pushed or risk leaving your teammates unassisted.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 18, 2014 02:35PM

Thought I'd post this for easy access since I can't find the one I posted years ago. Production for Neutral Lands

Population Farm Fort Sold Dev Adv

1 4,8,12,17 17
2 4,9,14,20 .5 17 40
3 5,10,16 6 11
4 6,12 1
5 7,14,21 4 1

1+ 3,6,9,13,18 17 40
2+ 4,7,11,16 .5 11 26
3+ 4,8,13,19 8 1
4+ 5,10,16,23 1 8

1++ 2,4,7,11
2++ 3,6,10,14 1 9
3++ 4,8 1 8

2dev 5,9,13,17 .5

1+dev 2,4,6
2+dev 3,5,8 5 1
3+dev 4 2 13

1++dev 2,4,6,9 5
2++dev 5

The list is obviously incomplete but part of that is because information is limited. Certain lands tend to switch to soldiers after farming 1 or 2 farms. Some switch to forts or development. I'll leave it up to anybody that wants to use this to figure that out.

Like a 5+dev takes 8 turns to adv and a 4dev takes 13 to adv.

Hope this helps somebody.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 18, 2014 04:13PM

Haha shame this forum removes all spacing. Maybe I should take a screenshot and link it here so it's easier to read. Might do that if there's any interest in having this info.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: February 21, 2014 07:45PM

ye or just save the source files. sort the info out later for the new forums.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 23, 2014 11:34AM

Yeah. Going to sit on the info. Only had 1 person mention they were interested anyway. If new forums come out I'll repost it.

Continuing the tactics talk:

When to advance your Capital

There are several schools of thought on this. Some people advance their capital after they have spent their initial gold and made that first farm. Some people like to spent an extra turn or 2 pumping out more soldiers to ensure they have taken the countries surrounding their capital, and some take lands and switch to gold so they can buy their advancement.

First off the most efficient and cost effective way to advance is to build and not buy. That being said rushing your advancement can be useful sometimes, but at the cost of leaving all your surround lands sitting idle while you advance doesn't make any sense to me.

My thoughts are this for starting out - If a land likes you or will like you within a turn or two you should own it and be building it up instead of cutting off your resources and forcing advancement. If you choose to make extra armies in your capital though don't wait too long to advance, you need to find a balance and generally if you're not advanced in your capital by turn 10 something has gone horribly wrong and left you behind.

Typical start looks like this:
Turn 1 - Buy armies with starting gold and attack surrounding lands with starting armies
Turn 2 - Build the 1 turn farm at capital and use new armies to further expand your lands and capture surrounding countries
Turn 3 - Either switch to Advancement if you've got a solid base for lands or build 1 more round of soldiers sometimes spending any gold on extra ones to help take over lands.

Beyond the first few turns is what tends to define a players' strategy. Some people like to sit on their lands and develop them, some players like to expand when they can, some players like to let the neutral lands farm up before taking them. - All of these strategies work some of the time the trick is to know when to use them.

If you can expand to poorly protected lands with low population you get the benefit of seeing more of the map and knowing where you might want to expand next or seeing an enemy coming sooner than expected ( When Fog is on ). If you can expand to lands capable of making 1 army or more per turn you can build more armies to play with while your capital advances. Knowing what lands to take and what ones to leave until a certain turn can sure help to save you many turns and put you ahead of your opponents. Refer to the neutral build order list.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 24, 2014 06:16PM

Population Farm ___ Fort ___ Sold ___ Dev ___ Adv

1_______ 4,8,12,17 _____________Really? Why are you waiting
2_______ 4,9,14,20 ___________ .5 ____ 17 ____ 40
3_______ 5,10,16 _____ 6 ______ ____ 11 ____ 26
4_______ 6,12 _________________ 1 ____
5_______ 7,14,21 _____ 4 ______ 1 ____

1+______ 3,6,9,13,18 __________ ____ 17 ____ 40
2+______ 4,7,11,16 ___________ .5 ____ 11 ____ 26
3+______ 4,8,13,19 ___ 8 ______ 1 ____________
4+______ 5,10,16,23 ___________ 1 _____ 8 ____

1++_____ 2,4,7,11 ___________________________
2++_____ 3,6,10,14 ____________ 1 _____ 9 ____
3++_____ 4,8 __________________ 1 _____ 8 ____

2dev____ 5,9,13,17 ___________ .5 ____________

1+dev___ 2,4,6 _______________________ NA ____
2+dev___ 3,5,8 _______ 5 ______ 1 ____ NA ____
3+dev_________________ 4 ______ 2 ____ NA ____ 13

1++dev__ 2,4,6,9 _____ 5 ______ 1 ____ NA ____
2++dev________________ 4 ______ 2 ____ NA ____

Because I have decided not to repost this until there are new forums I thought I would clean it up a little. That being said I am not going to fill in more of the information at this time. There are some other variables that affect the production of lands. Such as influence. Usually if a land is building armies it will build to a number double it's current population, with the exception of 1 population lands which will build up to 3 before switching to farming(typically)

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: sixamplayer ()
Date: February 24, 2014 06:30PM

Fast expansion and attack methods:

There are a few that work and they are not all equal in every situation.

1st method(TheRush) - Rush your capital to advancement. Use surrounding lands to gain you enough gold to advance your capital by turn 5. This works well if you have several surrounding lands captured which give you gold from their capture. Once advanced get your capital to 60k and make gold. Buy developments and then advancement in a single line towards your opponent which allows for the spread of influence.

2nd method(TheLeapfrog) - Take as many lands as you can. Start advancement at turn 4 on capital. Use gold to buy armies in surrounding lands to help you to expand while waiting for advancement to finish. This is more cost effective if you have a developed land. Again build developments and advancements towards your opponent in a connected line to spread influence. Works well to advance a land beyond your furthest connected developed land.

3rd method(ThePush) - Standard start. Take as many lands as you can. Start advancement on turn 3 no matter what. Make armies when finished if you don't own all surrounding lands yet, if you do farm up to 60k and again make armies. Allow lands to develop and advance on their own while you keep your capital on armies to take lands and attack your enemy.

I see many people using variations of starting tactics, and you sometimes need to just use what works best for your current game.

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: November 28, 2014 10:43AM

about waiting for neutral lands to develop/farm in teamgames,

yesterday, i played in a team with rex and ability. rex was center i was east, now there was a +2 land straight on rex' way to the enemy. he avoided getting it to let it farm/advance which actively cost me about 60 units and passively maybe 100-150 units, in the first 25 turns. during the time he waited to push up north, middle and east kept attacking me. turn 25 rex left, phdavoid joined and instantly made contact with his enemy, the attacks from center on me stopped immediately. by that time northeast was so strong that i had a hard time surviving. now i aint crying (we still won that game, thanks to phdavoids phd, abilitys abilities and my incredible delicious ribs) and i dont blame rex to be a bad teammate (he sent about 20 units to mace...) all i am saying is, as an advanced tactic, dont forget that sometimes the price may be too high waiting until some land has farmed/developed. i was so pissed! STOP SENDING TROOPS TO MACE, GO NORTH!!! FUCK!

all good now, but damn rexy hurry up next time!

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Re: Advanced Tactics
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: November 28, 2014 03:11PM

An additional pitfall is that you wait for a frontland to dev/farm and your opponent is wise to your tactic... they can wisely take the land the turn before it dev/farms.

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