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Advanced management and farming
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: December 30, 2014 10:47PM


so, about 10 months ago, i said i might come with my own input on farming. Im gonna take it one step further, and add comments on managing your troops and lands near winter. If you haven't already read, check out Squeegies "Advanced farming" at: []


For 3v3 maps:
These maps are small, quick and can be decided at all fronts. My tactics do not apply very well for these, however the basics can still be used.

On the aggresive move:
This is for you, who want to secure your lands, while trying to disrupt your opponents inner lands. Please note, that this is not an aggresive playstyle, as you will still use alot of time on farming. This is for you, who want to get as strong a front as possible.

WEAKNESSES: Can be hard to make enough gold to pay for troops on the front. Might take too long to finish the game, if your allies are getting destroyed.

STRENGTHS: Alot of troops per year. Strong, farmed frontline able to make the soldiers needed to win the game later on.

In this example, we'll be playing in a normal 3v3 as Hanover vs corsica. The game is pretty late, so all your countries will be advanced at 60-70k population

IN SPRING: You will want to spend all your gold on troops near the front, but on secure lands. Your backlands will consist of Denmark + Sweden, these shall make gold all year around. Your other lands will be making soldiers (and buying as many as possible) spring. Any troops from last winter which are 2 steps from the enemy lands, should be priority moves, aside from possible attacks.

By summer you should have troops in all war countries (which are all but Denmark and Sweden). Your main army will be 1-2 steps from the enemy, while your other lands will have simple amount of troops (6 to 15 usually). Use your soldiers how you feel best on the front, while leaving something like 2 moves, to allow you to move your armies from Brandenburg and Holland towards the front (only these 2). By moving the armies from Brandenburg and Hollands, allows you to begin farming (if you want to) on the lands you move the armies into, say Bohemia and Luxembourg. All other warcountries should keep making soldiers. You can STILL buy units, but only if defensivewise needed, or on the front

By now its autumn. Your armies on the front should be fighting for land, while there should be 6-25 units on the lands behind the front. This turn you switch Holland and Brandenburg to gold, and maybe Hanover, depending on the situation. By this time, both Brandenburg and Holland should have around 7 troops in them, which will mean they will cost almost nothing in winter, while hanover will have around 20. Keep spending your main moves on the front, to make sure you dont have a gigantic surplus of units, you'll have to pay for, since you do not make alot of money to pay for them. In this turn, you can, if you are not about the lose the front, begin making farms on the very front. Just make sure you have troops enough for the enemy!

It will be winter now, and some lands will have alot of troops, since you only have 5 moves per turn. First priority is still the front, but by now you'll have an army in Hanover waiting. If you have enough gold, move it towards the front now (leave the same amount of soldiers as you have farmed in hanover).
Your lands just behind the front, in the example is was Luxembourg and Bohemia, have just farmed, and depending on whether there are troops in them (about equal the population or enough to make sure you dont lose them next turn) then you can leave it on farming. Why? You will pay for troops created this turn, and they wont be as much use as those on the front anyway. But again, only as long as you are sure you aren't losing foothold of the front. Also, if you didn't farm your front in Autumn, you can set them to farms this turn also, and switch back to soldiers next turn, to minize payment. JUST make sure you dont lose them.

Assuming you did well, you'll still have control over your front, and your troops might have gained one of your opponents core countries. If not, lets assume you atleast didn't get outplayed, because now it starts again. Your front will just have farmed (if you did it in autumn), so it might be few in soldiers. But fear not. You should have alot of troops spread around your countries, AND you might have left your lands just behind the front on farms. Now is the time to switch to soldiers, and again, buy as many troops you can. By summer, these lands will produce 2 turns of troops + whatever you've bought, while you didn't pay for them in winter. If done well, you also mannaged to get farms on your front and just behind it in one year, while not losing your aggresive possibilities.

If possible, repeat last year untill you feel your front is as strong as you want it, before going in for the kill.

Going for the late game:
This is for you, who want to get as good a footholding as possible, on your core countries

WEAKNESSES: Your teammate might die in the meanwhile, VERY few on troops, so VERY reliant on good decision making.

STRENGTHS: You will by very late in the game have amazing gold income and troop production.

This works alot like the previous instructions. The key difference, lies in when to farm. Since you'll want to farm back countries too, you'll be low on gold throughout the year. If we follow the example as before, you will now want to make one farm in the backlands (still Denmark and Sweden) per year. DO NOT farm in both per year, as you economy will take too hard a beating.
So in spring, your warcountries do as stated before, while you in spring choose one of the backlands to farm.

In spring and summer, use all the gold you want on troops on the front, and still to your best skill, follow the before mentioned mannagement.

In autumn and winter it will be very crucial to minize your payment for troops, by making sure all your lands have the 0 to the number of farms soldiers in them, as long as you still dont lose the front. Make sure you have used as many soldiers on the front as possible, just leave enough to defend it for next turn.

All this might have been too long or too messy to read, if thats the case, im sorry. If anything isn't clear, ask. I can, if really needed, make some pictures to illustrate this.

And the VERY last thing for now, this can be very hard to mannage in FOW.

I'll at one point, go into managing 100k+ lands.

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Re: Advanced management and farming
Posted by: : ()
Date: December 30, 2014 11:54PM

Good post!
Definitely some things i can use to improve my play.

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