The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: January 21, 2015 02:20AM

Perhaps if anyone is interested; apart from recording our team games and 1on1 matches we can create videos that portray both our movements and strategies for our matches to grow not only our own ability, but aid in the growth of our new players by modeling their own tactics after our own.

This should be fun ^_^.


Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: June 29, 2015 06:38PM

I'd be hesitant in making this mainly because it's still pretty hard to keep track of what goes on in a game. I think something like a slideshow summarizing important parts of the game would be much more helpful than a video.

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: August 07, 2015 06:34AM

I have had a lot of time to play conqueror lately. Like this morning I had a practise session with myself: played the basic 2on2-map against myself (w/ AIs), improving my north play and trying to figure out new strategies ;)

In the end this is like any other game, practise makes you better :)

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: August 09, 2015 08:40PM

I'm on the edge of my seat... did Gratis win or did Gratis2 win???looks like a Gratis2 win from the looks of things... mostly Hanover and the fact that Kubla Khan has a slight edge over Oleg.

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: August 10, 2015 06:20PM

Points aren't everything however in this case I agree based on Gratis2's lands and development, mostly hanover and almost all lands in UK deving. Although to be fair we don't know the turn and can't fully see Gratis' (Muscovy) lands.

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: October 13, 2016 10:10AM

I needed a break from homeworks and decided to post something here. Share your thoughts, please :)

The wonders have changed strategies a lot - I find that to be a positive thing, the players must adapt the changing environment. In my mind, the wonders don't limit your gameplay, they just give new opportunities. Also the randomness of the wonders (all of them can't be in the single game) gives more alternative playing style choices.

I've heard that the Wall-wonder* seems to be quite OP. Some say it decides the result of the game. I've seen players going for it at the turn 1 - I've done that too. It is strong, if you know how to grind the most out of it. The longer the game goes, the weaker its power becomes, but I would and will always try to do it. The different topic is whether it's too strong and should it be changed. (?)

Haeinsai (develop), 20% attack and bonus, Ankot (25 gold) and farming wonders (all up 1, doubled, once a year) have all different type of strategies. Colosseum (positive attidute) and Himeji (+3 soldiers, 50% attack/defence ON that land) can be useful too. Not sure about the Pyramid (spread's bad attitude towards the enemy lands), but I've seen players doing it. Once my opponent had it and my 60k +2 adv land at the border was doing only 8 armies because of it. One might gain some advantage with it.

On Rome AD map Zeus seems to be the top choice of players, and it's the one that will most likely have a decisive impact on the result. The wonders that decrease shipping costs and the farming wonders are popular too. Colosseum has its own part and again Pyramid is still there, but I'd rank it to the bottom.

When it comes to the europe maps, old-school 3vs3s seem to be still quite popular, espicially Finland-Natolia maps are played often. This brings me to a problem that has been raised before; with Finland on the team, Hanover doesn't get Sweden which limits its backlands only to Denmark. In a long game Sardinia is very highly to get (a decisive) upperhand. Thinking about the strategy on these maps, I've noticed that the players sometimes tend to delay the advance of the capital and push troops on turns 4 and/or 5. I sometimes do that also and am doing it more often on long distance fights (ie. Tunis-Denmark, Finland-Natolia).

One more thing about the strategies: I think there are very many good ways to execute your game plan, but you always have to think about the opponent's style. In exempel some players like to troops their devs (instead of advancing them) and therefore push at the early stage of the game, some players love to develop and advance in piece and then push heavily. You have to know who you are playing with how to play against them. In the poker they have a saying "play the man, not the cards" but in the chess it's more about making the best possible move - my opinion is that the perfect conquerorist is somewhere between those two :P

* Apology, I'm not familiar with the names of the wonders yet :)

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: IzzleKizzle ()
Date: October 17, 2016 10:45AM

Good stuff Gratis_Sphincter.

There should be another wonder. An altruistic one. "The Book of Gratis".

Once built, all players get a 10% attack and defense bonus while the builder gets a -10% attack and defense hit.

Good to see you playing again my man. I'm glad the Russians haven't invaded yet. :-)

Re: The Strategy compendium
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: November 09, 2016 12:15PM

I'll be writing about Wonders and current strategies in my in-depth guide. Once I've finished, I hope you can give me your thoughts on it Gratis :)

And here is the names of the Wonders based on original map, since we now have Hex map which includes all 14 wonders:

China - Temple of Haiensa, Great Wall, Angkor Wat, Himeji Castle, Ujigami Shrine, Sun Tzu's War Academy, Temple of Heaven

Rome - Colossus, Lighthouse, Temple of Artemis, Colosseum, Great Pyramid, Statue of Zeus, Aqueduct

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