Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: December 29, 2015 02:20PM

It seems unfair to judge based on wins/losses in team games... but I've seen blunts lose over 100 games and win 0. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard at this point.

Maybe he's distracted.
Maybe he has bad luck.
Maybe he's never been on my team.

Whatever it is, it makes me sad :(

Blunts, wherever you are, best wishes and I hope you get to be on my team someday.

Re: Blunts
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: January 02, 2016 06:31PM

Well past week played a couple of games, also some with blunts in it. And most of your topic seems right. But last game I played with him (on my team). He played really good from north Hannover. Helped me early on in East which turned it around for me. After that he helped west a bit and while doing that he kept advantage on middle as well. We won the game and mostly thanks to Blunts. So there lol.

Re: Blunts
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: January 03, 2016 09:27PM

I believe in the Blunts! I just ... never have witnessed a win :)

Re: Blunts
Posted by: IzzleKizzle ()
Date: January 07, 2016 05:46PM

Squizzle mah Nizzle

You're forgetting one very important possible reason...

He's too high.

I mean, his name is Blunts after all...

Re: Blunts
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: January 07, 2016 09:52PM

I don't doubt that's good reason for his losses. However, if he's always high, that's his normal self. I judge his normal self.

Me, never smoked a blunt.... but usually drunk while playing. I expect everyone judges me for my drunken self. But I still win :)

Re: Blunts
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: January 15, 2016 09:58PM

The streak has ended. Blunts won a game!!!

Note: He was on my team for the first time ever. Also note one of our opponents lost connection on turn 11 when the 2 teams were about even in score. But it still counts!!!

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Re: Blunts
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: January 15, 2016 11:46PM

UPDATE: it wasn't a fluke!!! Bluntz won again with same teams and no one disconnected.

Bluntz & Squeeg > Rollo & Zer

Emphasis on Bluntz > Rollo.

Re: Blunts
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: January 18, 2016 09:27PM

I take it all back about Blunts. He's on a winning streak. Keeps having me as a partner :)

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