Re: Top 10.
Posted by: Lulu ()
Date: April 15, 2017 07:57PM

My updated rankings of active-semi actives!

1. Perikles
2. Ephialtes
3. zzz
4. Vox
5. Pasa
6. Tyrion
7. Rex
8. Zarskis
9. Com
10. Grrr
11. Tinky
12. rollo
13. ncklol
14. regalr
15. Madman

Re: Top 10.
Posted by: MrScientist ()
Date: August 05, 2017 05:24AM

Fun to read through these old names. Being back for a while but most of the old players don't seem to play anymore. Would be fun to see you guys back..Or are all these new names just other aliases:)

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Re: Top 10.
Posted by: IzzleKizzle ()
Date: September 04, 2017 05:26AM

Mr Scientist. You don't want me to come back and put everyone to shame, do you?? Be careful what you wish for!!

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