Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: April 30, 2008 11:11AM

Since Lancelot said in his top 10 post that people should bother me about building in teamgames and Jenny asked me how to, I guess I ll try and post my basic strategy here.

Keep in mind that English is only my third language so its far from perfect.

#1 The basics.

These basics apply to 3v3 teamgames. (in 2v2 or 1v1 its slightly diffrent)

Obbiously first turn I buy 2 soldiers and attack the most important country next to your capital. If I win first move and get up to 12 gold or more, I buy another round of soldiers, else I just make a farm. So basicly build a farm second turn.
Spend the armies you just build on the most important countries next to capital.

Depending on how rebelious your conquerored countries are, you may want to build some extra soldiers there, (usually countries with 30k peasants or more)

If you have conquered some 10k countries, with the money you gained, buy a farm there.

Now start making armies in capital until you have conquered all neighboring countries to your capital, when you got those you start making advance culture in capital.This is usually around turn 4/5/6/7.The rest of your countries should be making farms in the meantime.

I ll put down my development list here.

list for primitive countries.

build countries to 40k farms when primitive and have no resources +. If the country is restless or higher start making culture, takes between 4 and 6 turns.

if resources +1 also make culture at 40k unless its devoted and only takes another 2 turns to make a farm. Then you go to 50k peasants instead and develop.

if resources +2 either develop at 30 or 40k peasants, I usually do it at 30k.

list for developped countries to advanced ones.
Countries without resources + make to 60k then start advance culture.(takes 4 turns)
Countries with resources +1 make to 70k then start advance culture.(takes 3 turns)
countries with resources +2 make to 40k, then advance it. should take 4 to 5 turns. after advancing build 2 more farms.

I usually build all my countries like this with some exception at front countries which I might buy advancement/farms instead. But that's something 1 has to decide for himself.
The reason why you should build stuff instead of buying it, is because buying costs way more money.

For example if you try to advance your capital by building it takes 4 turns, now if you want to buy it lets say you make the money in your capital.
It takes 5 turns to gain all the money, then it takes another turn for buying it, a total of 6 turns. By buying you would lose 2 turns.

ok, so now we are at advancing capital and building farms in your other countries, you probably have some extra soldiers, so try taking important countries around, always leave 1 or 2 soldiers behind in your lands though, it may still revolt which I've seen screw up games for players.

when you gain some other countries if no resources + and primitive make it to 40k peasants put at least 4 armies in there and I recently found out it actually helps to create a couple of diplomats there until its restless then start advancin it.

when 30k +1 primitive put at least 3 armies in and start making diplomats until another farm only takes 2 turns to build.

if its developped no resources + make it to 30k at least put 3 armies in or more build some diplomats, until it takes only 2 turns to build another farm.

I guess you get the picture.

When your capital is advanced create 2 more farms then start creating an 'army flow', so continuesly build armies and keep pumpin them to the enemy or some local countries. in winter make sure you have enough money to pay them so either have a country make some money, or switch your capital for a bit to gold.

When the enemy is sending more soldiers at you, you may want to switch some countries to create more soldiers, until you can hold him off.
as soon you have some more countries advanced. If it are back countries let them create money, frontline advanced countries you start making armies until you have more countries advanced. When they are you continue making farms there.

If you're fighting only 1 player at that time, you gotta keep building, always. Only in case of emergency you stop building.

Since you only have 5 moves make sure to spend them well, building armies is better then buying but with only 5 moves you ll be forced to buy armies at some places.

Buying armies is 6 gold a soldier in developped countries, 8 in primitive.
Building armies is 5 gold worth, so every build soldier instead of buying saves you 1 gold.

Ok This is it for now, Might update some stuff in a bit, and include more strategy's or some facts in a while.

Good luck.


Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: jenny ()
Date: April 30, 2008 04:05PM

thanks paars u rock!

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: jynx ()
Date: April 30, 2008 07:21PM

Awesome job man. Thanks :).

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Lancelot ()
Date: May 01, 2008 12:26AM

a little modification:

for 40k primitive lands with +1 resource it may be possible to build a farm in 2 turns when it is supportive (but near devoted), so u better check it for 2-3 turns if you are producing something else (like soldiers on a frontal land) and want to build another farm before developing to gain 1 turn.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: SasoriSama ()
Date: May 09, 2008 12:34AM

thx paars

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: DirtyHarry ()
Date: May 31, 2008 10:45PM

Now were paars have written down his strategy I also want to post mine.

First of all you need to offer a cow to the godess of luck at least 2 times every week. If needed I offer 3 cows and a goat, but it depends on the situation. Cows and goats are by far the best offer animals the Gods can get, but a blond virgin with nice tits will also be accepted. The goat gives extra resources around your cap when the game starts, so against aggressive enemies it can be a good weapon.

In warfare its important to believe that you get lucky - just like when you're drunk late at night and sitting alone in the bar - it never happens, but still you gotta believe it can happen! so even you are outnumbered 10 to 1 then attack. I know that defense should gain extra 10% but if you are like me, you would know that never happens when the enemy attack you!

Otherwise I base my strategy on the enemy could forefeit or commit suicide before the game ends, therefore psychological warfare is a part of the game, that you should use as well.

When I develop I just do as everybody else, then people wont tease me for being any different.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: SasoriSama ()
Date: June 01, 2008 12:53AM

how much does 6 cows and 2 goats cost? i can go get some up the hill.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: jynx ()
Date: June 01, 2008 01:06AM

If you were smart you would just get a hot blonde virgin with big tits. Who wants to buy a cow and goat? Then you get the luck without the gods, so you don't need to sacrifice the goat or cow. They are then useless. But the virgin, well, you get the point.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Captain Planet ()
Date: June 02, 2008 06:20AM

If you were desperate enough, a cow or a goat would do. You may require a stool of sorts for the cow though.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Creed ()
Date: June 05, 2008 02:51PM

nice plan mate. i wish i knew all this stuff before i started getting owned

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Zakistan ()
Date: June 06, 2008 07:56AM

Yes, i agree in that strategy.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Keira ()
Date: June 06, 2008 11:07AM

Paars ....what are your views on speed farming ?
You may not have this situation because i kinda stupidly develop everything at 40K. So a region advanced without + resources takes two turns to go to 50K but costs only 40 to buy, well you get maybe 36 in gold at 50K so if you got the cash I speed farm, losing only 4 gold I think.
Also a trick I used to love for surprise attacks ,,,,that i find is faulty now ,,,is in winter setting your regions to a two turn farm cycle, then come spring switching to troops and buying as well.
I recently found you do not get all the troops you should from that technique.
You should get two lots of lets say 9 and then maximum buy say 8 so 26 in all ,,,, but frequently it is less.
Has anyone else found that ?
It makes me angry , and you wouldn't like me when I am ANGRY!!!!

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: neo ()
Date: June 06, 2008 11:45AM

hehe DH.

I will follow ur strategy Harry.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: June 06, 2008 12:17PM

yes thats a new implemented thing, if you switch then buy you lose the bonus from switch.

well buying at 40 makes you lose money imo because it takes 40 gold+1 turn. building takes 2 turns. Buying farms I do suggest to use on the front lines when you have the spare money.

buying farms in back lands is just a waste of money but if you cant find another way to spend it why not, sometimes u just gotta say what the fudge.

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Kobrakai ()
Date: June 09, 2008 01:30PM

I kind of like the strategy more and more, so thanks Paars. Also with a better control of my armies than I used to have, I found that I improved quite a bit. I still wonder, especially for +1 countries, if the best thing is to advance it as late as 70k, taking into account the influence level for forward countries. Anyway, good job =)

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: tatuta ()
Date: June 09, 2008 01:48PM

good strategy almoust like mine but i adv all kind of countries at 60 k pop its takes 4-5 so its also keep im mind that the start is crucial if u have a good start u r going to to just great

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: June 09, 2008 01:53PM

A good start is not everthing.. I got many bad start, still i normally lead the game (FFA, I dont normally lead a teamgame) by round 20.. A good start is only crucial in Team and 1 vs 1 games.. But still not everything!

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Kobrakai ()
Date: June 09, 2008 05:48PM

Maybe I should connect my mouse for the tournament game .. touchpad is abit slow :) I guess it's actually a viable tip. Being able to move the mouse around fast can be crucial when you get 30+ countries to control in a 1v1 .. =)

Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: SasoriSama ()
Date: June 16, 2008 01:29AM

yes good point Kobrakai. and yes good start isnt everything. Master played a decent player. Master had a crapy as start but not long he conquered his capital. and like dirtyharry pointed out in like umm....some other topic. People say Master is the likest guy on conqueror but a quote from....Golem i think. he said "The die sometimes goes your way and sometimes it doesnt" so this means u sometimes get lucky but luck doesnt stay with u forever. this is just life. toughen up.

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Re: Strategy's of Paars.
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: August 05, 2008 05:38PM

#2 Positions in 3v3 nvs maps


So as many probably will agree with me, is that Ulster is pretty much by far the worst(toughest) spot to play from in a 3v3 north vs south teamgame.

I ll try to give my opinion on why that is and what its possibilities are.
Ok most commonly is that you are up to grenada.

Ulster has 4 adjacent countries next to capital grenada has 5 so you already start out a little bad in this case.

However, things start really looking bad after the second row of countries of development. grenada gains another 4 and ulster only 2 more.
so when building and influencing at same speed, spain will have 10 countries influenced by now and ulster only 7.

after this ulster can gain about 2 or 3 more countries and spain only 1 considering brittany as no mans land and ile de france to spain.

but already heres 1 problem as spain was already stronger before ulster and if played smartly wont give ulster any chance to develop normandy and flanders.

Besides that ulster cant acces easily a lot of men with only england while grenada has 2 countries to build men from at front.

so to put this basicly, if youre up against a very strong player in grenada you will lose. Depending on what your allies can do you just have to learn how to hold ulster as long as possible.

So, what I try to do is to influence/advance england as fast as possible, it doesnt have to be 60k right away 40k is enough. and it has to be at least content or higher when you have it advanced. That means wales and northumberland are probably still developped.

after its advanced you can easier start building up normandy and flanders and you really should build these up. Often people are holding back at that with the thought they might lose it and gave the enemy their build up stuff. But this is wrong, you have to draw a line and if you lose that permanently the games lost anyway.

with those countries and if youre lucky also having scandinavia (not finland)
you are up with 10 countries to 11.
After about all your countries are advanced you will need to buy extra farms in england and flanders and somethimes build 1 in either northumberland and wales.

Try to keep ile de france as long as possible from advancing its pretty much the key country for spain to victory.

ok this is my basic holding strategy for ulster I will post my view on rushing from ulster later.

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