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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: March 13, 2015 04:18PM

Leon (regalr) vs Ulster (Gratis2)
Sardinia (KrazyKat) vs Hanover (Gratis)
Nicaea (KoolBreezy) vs Muscovy (zzz)

The map was very very rich. Denmark and Holland were developed at the start. Finland was 10k dev +2!! Zzz had some bad luck taking it though, and it was able to build up a fort in turn 5. Hanover suffered a little by bad ratios at the start but was able to take all next-to-cap-lands before the Hanover advanced. According the scores, KoolBreezy and regalr had OK starts leading their opponents. KoolBreezy was able to take Bulgaria (40k +1 dev) and Wallachia (40k +2 prim) before zzz took Moldavia. Thanks for the diplos, we had the vision.

The battle started in east and middle when Gratis2 took France (fort) and I took Burgundy (fort also). I was able to push and luckily managed to capture Corsica while still just building up my frontlands. Gratis2 was able to advance England while fighting with regalr over the fort in France. Also South had good lands - Roma was +2 and advanced itself, Venetia farmed all the way to 80k. KrazyKat was able to take them both a little bit later and he made a great comeback after losing Sardinia to me. Meanwhile I had advanced Rhine and Bohemia by-the-book and bought adv in Lux. Gratis2 took Flanders (+2), which had farmed up to 70k, quickly advanced it, that helped a lot during the fight with regalr.

Zzz was able to advance his front sneaked to Dalm (a keep), which KoolBreezy had used to attack me in the center. Little later, KrazyKat did have more score than me in the center - I figured he had found his backlands. With both Gratis2 and Gratis I was able to push him back and took over Genoa, Venetia and Roma. After a few tricks in west, I was lucky to get Castile and Aragon in winter - and cut regalr in Aquitane. The next turn they gave up.

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