Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 24, 2010 05:39PM

Ulster (IceQueen) - Hanover (Savior) - Lithuania (Paars)
Grenada (aime) - Rome (best) - Nicaea (empError)

Paars had a rough start. Best and me were doing pretty well, but Ice moved into Spain, and aime didn't take Aragon and farmed Grenada to 50k before advancing. Although we knew beforehand that aime was new, now we decided that south would lose. When Paars left, we had to decide for end game, especially when the AI took Brandenburg. Maybe a bit early to quit, as Ice still had to advance, and best and me were in good positions.

I would not count this one in any stats.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 25, 2010 10:17AM

Ulster (ephedrine) - Hanover (errant) - Muscovy (spoxy/Paars)
Leon (KrazyKat) - Corsica (jfineman) - Nicaea (empError)

Moldavia was developed, generating 2 armies per turn, and soon spoxy and me were fighting over it, ownership changing every turn, almost. Errant moved up to Hungary and took that other nice land, 50k (or so, by that time) developed Serbia. I stood my ground at Macedonia and Byzantium, until fineman engaged errant from Austria. Errant could keep up his presence in the Balcans for a while, but then he had to let go, and spoxy was on his own. I had developed way more than spoxy, so he had trouble keeping the door closed at Moldavia. Fineman pushed errant back to Holland/Saxony/Brandenburg. KrazyKat had some trouble all along, and fineman had to assist quite a lot around Ile de France/Normandy. Spoxy was replaced by Paars, and soon Russia was all advanced, with still some advantage for me. Errant pushed fineman back a bit, although fineman retained the upper hand, with his backlands obtaining a decent level of development. Errant got to Corsica in winter, however, leading to substantial troop losses on fineman's part. In essence this leveled out the scores, with fineman taking back his cap, but another 99 armies were waiting at Saxony to take Corsica again. When these reached Genoa, KrazyKat had moved 30-something troops to Provence. I think fineman had about 25 troops in Corsica, and 30 in Rome. KrazyKat got first move on Genoa, leaving 56 armies or so, and fineman could avert the attack. I had to send substantial troops towards errant at this stage. Now fineman was slowly gaining ground again, and KrazyKat also had the upper hand in the west. Paars was getting even with me, maybe even a bit ahead. But the situation in west/center made north concede in turn 57.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 25, 2010 10:31AM

Ulster (ghost) - Saxony (empError) - Muscovy (KrazyKat)
Grenada (spoxy) - Rome (Rex) - Nicaea (Savior)

I had a +2 at Bohemia, and Rex one at Napoli, but Napoli was building troops, and Sardinia no good, so Rex expanded forward. Rex took 40k Burg and 30k Helvetica. I focused on defending Lux, leaving Rhineland neutral, and developing Brandenburg and Bohemia. Rex took a fort in Austria in winter, turn 8. He lost some troops due to lack of funds. Luckily he did not attack Bohemia then, which was just developing. He did take Rhineland with 7 armies in turn 12. In spring, I attacked Rhineland with all from cap, 9:7, but Rex had first move and reinforced from Austria, taking Sax in the counter. I could not take back my cap, and could only move around it. By turn 19 or so, my last army died in Genoa. Ghost and KrazyKat played on for a while, but it was clear that once Rex would have advanced his empire, south would win. North conceded in turn 31, or shortly after.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 25, 2010 07:19PM

Ulster (Aida) - Saxony (empError) - Muscovy (ElCid)
Grenada (Rex) - Corsica (best) - Greece (ghost)

Helvetica was +2 developed, but it built troops, so best and me let it alone for a while. Best took a fort in Burgundy, where he built up a large army that I had to match in Luxembourg. Ile de France was also good (also +2 developed I believe), and Rex soon took it. In autumn, I took Helvetica with almost all my troops, so that best would not be able to send many troops to Lux in winter, and Genoa was under threat. Best chose to retreat to Corsica, while I took the fort in Burgundy. I had a strong advantage then, and best lost Napoli to a revolt. Aida apparently had some luck, pushing Rex back all the way to Spain. Soon, he advanced Ile de France, and things looked good for north. Aida even took all of Spain, and attacked Grenada in winter from Portugal, Castile, and Aragon, but just failed to get it. He got it in the next spring, 4:2, but Rex could reclaim his cap easily.

Ghost was doing well in the east. ElCid busted almost all his troops on a large force of ghost in Moldavia, and still ghost got to Ukraine, from which he could take Muscovy, although he suffered heavy losses in the process, and ElCid could take it back. Ghost had Macedonia and Byzantium advanced, while Cid had very few advanced lands. Ghost now also came my way, to relieve pressure on best. Aida now focused on best. A large party arrived in Provence, while I sent 44 of mine to Genoa. Ghost took Helvetica with 37. Next turn, ghost was first to move, reducing Genoa to 7 armies or so, so that my attack on Genoa had little effect. Aida's attack was just short a few armies. Ghost got another opportunity for Muscovy, but he failed to get it, due to a bad ratio. He was now in firm possession of the Balcans, and he came with large forces into Germany. He had at least two attempts for Saxony, which I survived thanks to a first turn by myself, and later thanks to a first turn for ElCid, from Poland on Bohemia. Both Aida and ghost were very strong, but the opposition for ghost was weaker than for Aida. In turn 60, north conceded. Aida had possession of Sweden throughout the game, which worked well for him. But maybe it should have switched to ElCid around turn 25, to help him survive.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: October 25, 2010 07:36PM

Norway (Squeegie) - Castile (ZoxDaKilla) - Nicaea (Aida)
Flanders (empError) - Lithuania (Rex) - Tunis (ghost)

This was a Squeeg-map. I had +2s in Luxembourg and Rhineland. Rex had a bad start, getting just one land in the first year or so, but he caught up. I confronted Zox immediately at Brittany/Gascony, while Squeegie soon confronted me at Northumberland/England. Ghost met Aida at Napoli/Macedonia, while Rex soon found his way south to confront Aida there at Byzantium and Macedonia. Fighting both Squeegie and Zox made it hard to advance Flanders, so I advanced Luxembourg first, only later Rhineland and Flanders. Ghost confronted Zox at Grenada, which relieved some of Zox's pressure on me. Zox sent a large force down Africa, and got an opportunity for Tunis, which ghost barely survived. In the meantime I had gotten to Aragon, messing up Zox a bit. Aida had Africa up till Cyrenaica, and he could get up to Sicilia, leaving ghost only a few lands north of Tunis. Ghost survived though, and Rex increased pressure on Aida in the Balcans. I also helped a bit through Dalmatia. Paars substituted for Zox, and Paars focused much more on me than on ghost. Squeegie then sent a large army to Muscovy, where Rex resisted, and sent large armies into Scandinavia. Squeegie came down at Hanover, but after I raised some armies around Saxony, I easily pushed him back, and got to Denmark with 18 armies. Squeeg had something like 12 armies in Norway and 6 in Sweden. He got first move, but I got Norway 18:18. Team Squeegie/Paars/Aida conceded then, in turn 38.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: live4games ()
Date: February 16, 2011 08:53AM

R.I.P 3v3 results

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: February 16, 2011 12:08PM

lol true, emperror was (almost) the only one who kept score. had quite an anticlimax in a 3v3 today, sargon left the game without team consent because she lost the fort in moldavia around turn 20. very bad sports(wo)manship.

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: ghost. ()
Date: February 16, 2011 03:25PM

does anyone know where emp has gone? and his sister icequeen to? hven't seen either of them in ages :(

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: February 17, 2011 06:42AM

icequeen plays, she was in a 3v3 just yesterday.

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: February 19, 2011 10:22AM

Norway (Squeegie) - Leon (Attila) - Nicaea (BillSomma)
Normandy (empError) - Tunis (SantaClaws) - Ukraine (Comnenus)

I had a nice +2 in Ile de France. Attila advanced Leon very fast, but I was only two turns behind. Squeegie and Attila both confronted me, but soon Santaclaws put pressure on Spain, while Comnenus was confronting Norway, after he obtained a fort in Finland with minimal losses. BillSomma was left alone. Although he was a bit slow in taking his neighbouring lands, he developed well, and he gathered a 50+ army in Napoli in winter, threatening Tunis. Santaclaws could avert the danger, however, and Comnenus started opposing Somma in the Balcans, while I defended a fort in Venetia. Squeegie and me kept fighting over a developed +1 Hanover. With high pressure from Comnenus, Squeegie had to give way in both Hanover and the UK. In turn 28, Comnenus got Norway, and team Norway - Leon - Nicaea conceded.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: jenny ()
Date: February 19, 2011 02:01PM

and hes back!!!

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: ChuckNorris ()
Date: February 19, 2011 02:18PM

Ulster: Master - Saxony: XuuL - Lithuania: Paars

Morroco: ChuckNorris

Both Master, Paars and Xuul had excellent starts, while I chose to held back my awesomeness a bit, so we could have a great battle. They all expanded their empires, and desperately tried to build up their lands. In the meanwhile I was trying hard to hold back, and not give it full throttle...yet. At turn 12 I made contact with all three enemies, and I quickly gave them all a good old roundhouse kick to the face. Xuul tried to yell something, but I only saw "I con..." and then there was blood all over the place. The game ended at turn 13. Then I ordered a Big Mac at Burger King and made a "happy" meal cry.

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: February 19, 2011 06:48PM

Northumberland (Rex) vs. Lithuania (empError)
Grenada (Lancelot) vs. Nicaea (jenny)

jenny and me had nice lands. For me those were mainly developed lands in front of Poland, and a +2 in Finland. Rex had a +2 in Flanders. I didn't check out Lance. Jenny had a good start, getting the advantage in the south, despite Lance's cutting 60 armies in Algiers. I took Hungary, Trans, and Wallachia, but could not keep my advantage vs. Rex. He got to Poland repeatedly, and although I had more population and armies than him, I felt my influence on Germany slipping away. I also lost the battle over a fort in (+2) Sweden. Rex withdrew from Sweden in winter. Although I attacked with only half force for fear of paying, I still lost about 80 armies there, and a few more in central Europe. Jenny took over Austria, but I couldn't get beyond Poland anymore, and I lost the fort in +2 Finland too. In turn 55, Rex got an opportunity for Lithuania. I got first turn, which seemed to save me, but then Rex got it anyway. Soon after that, east conceded.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Rex ()
Date: February 22, 2011 04:15AM

I had extreme luck in that game. And I was not a fair winner.

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: empError ()
Date: February 28, 2011 03:05PM

Ulster (fnidner/nicklas-dk) - Saxony (IceQueen) - Muscovy (empError)
Grenada (ElCid/Madman) - Corsica (Perikles) - Nicaea (tomjoad86)

IceQueen got to a fort in Burgundy, causing Perikles great troubles. Fnidner also started out well, battling ElCid over Ile de France. Tomjoad had the fastest growth, though, with developed lands in Natolia and Cyprus, and a +2 in Greece. He soon got control over a fort in Moldavia, where he built up more armies than I could raise. Around turn 22 or so, he took Muscovy. ElCid left at that point, and Madman replaced. I took back Muscovy in autumn, and got control over Moldavia a few turns later. tomjoad had now advanced Byzantium and Crete, though, while I had been building many armies to try and keep him out of my lands. At this point IceQueen got the lead in the score. Tomjoad and Ice fought each other quite a bit over +2 Dalmatia. Perikles did not forget to advance while he was under pressure, and soon he got the advantage in the center. In the west, Madman got the advantage over nicklas. Icequeen forgot winter once, losing some (maybe many) armies. Ice and nicklas dropped to the bottom positions in the score. I held up against tomjoad, but he had more population, and Macedonia was also advanced now. We often did not attack each other in winter, leading each of us to lose armies. With Moldavia advanced and Bulgaria developed, I managed, but after a while Bulgaria also was advanced. England was invaded more and more regularly, and pressure on Saxony increased. In turn 52, north conceded.

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Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: October 15, 2011 09:25PM

Ulster (Jeepee) vs. Castile (g_g)
Saxony (Gratis) vs. Roma (Bambam)
Lithuania (Ludendorff) vs. Nicaea (Malakira)

The game looked pretty well for everyone with gratis having a 40k dev. Jeepee having good lands as well and Luden having a dev 20k plus 1 Castile had similar lands to jeepee while I had primitive lands but it compensated with his 10ks.

The battle in the east saw me getting a better start even if out advanced i spread to palestine and bulgaria by turn 13ish while luden and gratis combatting with me for the prized serbia fort and dev plus 2 wall. I ended up stronger than him with more backlands but Gratis launched an offensive strong enough to take macedonia.

The battle in the west was lost when jeepee got a series of good ratios and could afford the leisure to develop his lands at G_g own peril jeepee gained control of a 60k plus 1 brittany and 40k france which made it even tougher

The battle in the middle was slow for bambam even though he had a 10k plus 2 but his ratios hardly helped him and had slow expansion while gratis took most his lands in 2 turns and advanced and taking a plus 2 in hungary gratis stumbled upon the 40k plus 2 dev genoa when he took helv and pushed back and forth but it was too much for bambam as well as me because he used half his force in the east to safe luden.

Turn 17 win North


Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Insurrection ()
Date: October 16, 2012 09:53PM

north vs south
went to turn 57 gun had the better part of me in first (25turns
myopia had the upper hand on bela and eph and vox was going at it
by turn 50 me and myopia was pushing on north and eph and vox as still in a bloodbath that was even,by turn 56 i was at gun's doorstep and myo was pushing forward to england.I couldnt have got their without myopia's support i am still new lol but it was a great game that ended on turn 57 with south in a victory,no cap was taken all of north conceded but eph he kept fighting till the game ive had yet-INSURRECTION

Insurrection is infection

Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: October 20, 2012 01:55AM

Ulster (Icelord) vs. Grenada (Amorsito)
Brandenburg (Grrrr) vs. Corsica (Insurrection)
Muscovy (Malakira) vs. Nicaea (Eph)

Let me explain the players strategies as I saw them, then proceed to explain the unique land taking strategies employed.

Ulster (Icelord) he focused on taking the lands surrounding england with the exception of Holland, he proceeded toward that effort and farming and advancing those normally, he enjoyed a suitable advantage over Grenada (Amorsito) since he seemed to neglect farming in pursuit of turn culturing lands at 20-40k so the advantage there was overwhelming. He however had to contend with Insurrection quite insufferably near the end of the game and eventually took his Capital on turn 38 (Summer).

Grenada (Amorsito) Previously explained.

Brandenburg (Grrrr) Attacking pre-emptively and taking a 30k primitive plus 2 Genoa gave him a much needed advantage over Insurrection he confronted Nicaea (Eph) over a 40k developed Dalmatia which went back and forth throughout the game
He mantained a strict advantage against Insurrection for about 7 years until Insurrection began to see the effects of his backlands kicking in (explained later). However he soon began to recover and able to confront Insurrections 200 total strong armies with the help of some 40-150 army interferences from Ulster (Icelord).

Corsica (Insurrection) to be continued...


Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: October 20, 2012 05:22PM

Corsica (Insurrection) 6 years were spent in an effort to take Helvetica Austria from Brandenburg (Grrrr) then the next 3 years were spent in more of an effort to take Luxembourg,Normandy,France,Flanders to help Grenada (Amorsito) which was playing poorly.

Muscovy [Malakira (Me)] I had a farming Muscovy and an advancing Crimea both 30k dev in beggining of game, Nicaea (Eph) other than that his lands and mine were about equal the game went pretty back and forth for the third and fourth years until I got control of a 50k plus 1 dev in wallachia and a fort in transylvania which helped overcome the advantage Eph gained on me, eventually I used the use of my early advanced lands to fast develop my lands and create enough armies to take byzantium a handful of times by the last 2 years all my lands were advanced enabling me to help Brandenburg in Napoli and Austria.

Nicaea (Eph) Quick taking backlands, Focused on a 40k Dev in Dalmatia, and other than that nothing too worth mentioning.

The map was a bit interesting I convinced Grrrr to take prussia in exchange Icelord takes both Denmark and Sweden, In south Insurrection took Algiers and Cyrenaica.

Game - North win, turn (38) Summer


Re: --- Results 3v3 ---
Posted by: Gratis ()
Date: March 13, 2015 03:43PM

Leon (KrazyKat) vs Ulster (G2)
Tunis (Gratis2) vs Hanover (Vox)
Natolia (Gratis --> zzz) vs Finland (Rex)

The first battle started in middle. I took Roma (which had forted, 20k +1 dev) and Vox took Genoa. I was able to take Genoa and Helvetica - managed to push Vox a little bit back but he had captured also Austria (60k +1 dev) and he pushed me back to Corsica. In the east Rex faced me in Trans and Wall. After few turns Rex had bad ratios but was able to push me back to Byz for few turns. West started battling over Brittany and Gascony. Aragon was +2 which was a good boost for KrazyKat.

Around turn 20 zzz waked up in the lobby and he replaced the east of me. At the time I did advance Byz and Rex took the Moldavia, which was forted with 7 troops. Western battle was pretty even, they were fighting over Gasgony and Île de France. In the middle I was able to advance my front (first Corsica, then Roma and Genoa, little later Provence). With a huge luck strike I was able to get to Saxony (which was still only 70k +1 dev at the time). Rex keep pushing zzz in the east, both advancing their fronts. It didn't help that Vox also hit zzz through Dalmatia.

Goliath attacked me through Provence helping Vox little in middle. Luckily for me, they couldn't get Corsica. I, for myself, was able to push to Normandy little later and helped KKat to push England in winter. He was able to take it.
Rex had good turns and was able to take Byz and Mace, making zzz to suffer.

Around turn 40 I had farmed Sard and Nap to 100k, allowing me to farm troops over winter (from autumn to spring) and making a huge load of armies. I pushed to north, not letting Vox advance Luxembourg, Rhineland or Bohemia. Also helped zzz in east with armies from Napoli to Macedonia. KKat was able to take England and North gave up.

The image: []

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