Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: May 10, 2009 04:48AM

Summer holidays 2007, My brother asked me to tryout a new game with him and one of our friends (Amatarazu), we played a locked game with the 3 of us, I totally sucked there compared how I play now, yet it was the most fun game I've had until now.

My second game was some random ffa with a couple of guys, I didn't do that bad but being in the uk and fighting 2 players I got owned pretty quickly.

in that time I didn't get to know people really but I got familiarized with some of the names such as Keira, Hallali, Warlord(or something),Jynxxx.

Signed up for the ladder ranking system got lucky beating hmmm, Hallali would soon beat me off that spot again though.

Then more people came into play, I played my first teamgame with Jenny and some others but I didn't like it that much at that moment also because I lost :). Then end 2007 begin 2008 a lot of people started playing teamgames and met a lot of great players, Izzlekizzle who destroyed me at hammer time in a 3v3, Master got back into playing and very fast became the best, Dirtyharry came into play also very fast became a strong player.

A lot of teamgames were going on also the gold bug abuse got into play and the overpaying your soldiers bug as well. I finally got some decent tactics going on and perfected those, signed up for the tournament 2008 which was a succes all together, unfortunately no gold medal for Paars. :)

After that, in the end of summer 2008 I started playing less and since then I haven't really got an idea whats up in the conquerorgame community. I still like to play now and then but its not the same as it used to be, there's no new things to invent and so also less competetive playing around.

I would like to put down a list of people I met during my conquerorgame career, but it would take me to long and I'd probably forget lots of names so I don't.(Also I'm lazy as hell)

That's about it.

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: empError ()
Date: June 23, 2009 05:42PM

I think I played my first game around 2004 or so. Just played against AIs, to learn the rules of the game. Someone with the alias 'peasant' introduced me to the game. He told me that farming and developing were important. After a couple of games, beating AIs became a bit boring, and joining ffas (the only kind of games around) with other players was the next step. After a month or so, I got sick of the many bugs crashing the game, and I didn't play for about a year or so.

When I got back, Nelson was ruling in the game, although I saw some amazing play by Comnenus, ReverendKwon, Tormann. A bit later also derKaiser. The money bug was already in swing back then, I think, because some players managed to generate lots of armies turn after turn, even when having just a few lands. Someone once asked me how I built so many farms in one land, in one turn, and as I had just switched production there from a fort to farms, I guess I hit upon the trick of speed farming, although I never used that deliberately. The game was still buggy, and when thinking of a good alias, I thought my alias should refer to this nuisance: empError was born.

I was never much concerned with the bugs people were talking about. I do remember Nelson proclaiming that advancing your capital as soon as possible was the trick to victory. I didn't get the concept of influence, and often developed rebellious lands far from my cap. I bought lots of development, as I didn't like waiting for more than 2 turns for something to be produced. My tactics in the ffa's consisted of staying away from AIs, moving towards human players. The rule of conduct was to not play with 2 vs 1. Once the neutral lands were taken, it was often a matter of developing, and hoarding money, and then picking the most annoying AI, to take out its cap. If there were no AIs, you'd have to pick a human player, if you were not picked yourself. When war started, I'd quickly buy all the troops I could afford, and many opponents were thus swiftly conquered.

Then the age of team games started. I missed the start of it, maybe it started during another break I had in my conqueror-playing. It took me a while before I realized that with only human players, you had to spend all your money. I changed some of my tactics, based on the advice of better players, e.g. to not buy development. It has taken me long to drop some of this advice again, realizing that they may have been better only because of the money-spending.

The most difficult part of team games, however, is to find a good balance between expanding and developing.

I think I am now playing more than ever, and I have even started posting in the forums, as some of you might have noticed.

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Captain Planet ()
Date: June 24, 2009 10:50AM

Hostkilling, blitzing "pros" and annoying RIPPE since circa 2005


Not to mention a pioneer of bombasting on the forums, livened the place right up! I'm great, me.

PS Die RIPPE ist ein Muschi

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Tiffany ()
Date: June 24, 2009 11:15AM

"I'm great, me." LOL

I think you secretly like Rippe really and Rippe probably conceals a grudging regard for you. ... Why don't you both kiss and make up for 'auld lang syne' ?

Come on, pucker up and bury the hatchet, you know you both want to. :-X

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Captain Planet ()
Date: June 24, 2009 12:08PM

I'll never forget how he gangripped me. It hurts just to think about it.

I hold a special place in my bowels for you Tiffany, even wrote you a poem.

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: January 05, 2012 09:47PM

I remember the first year I played as attack and never spoke with anyone, and didn't farm or advance a land for like half a year, back in 2005. So for those who are hard on new players, remember what it was like whenever you started!

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: tw ()
Date: April 12, 2012 04:57PM

I started in 2005 right near the end of the speed farming era, Played with all the big players over the years. And as it seems yet to make a name for myself. To those of you who remember me it makes me smile.

In 2006, I would refer myself as a very good player on occasion. I was holding up and learning with the best of them. The gold bug age was my favorite time and it mattered not that there were no team games at the time because bigger games were filling up.
ffa's were becoming full of players and diplomacy/backstabbing was a wonderful part of playing.

In 2007 Team games were starting to appear in the form of clans versus clans. Only problem was you couldn't keep enough clan members on at anytime to play them very much.
I started the generals, which later become the kings. Some great players actually decided to join along with me. Such as Nelson, Icadil, emperror, born-avenger, paranoia, tystorm and adrien.
Things went off to a great start, but I couldn't keep it all together.
Tried starting other clans later on but nothing ever took off.

2008 and on I was just glad to be part of the community well recognized in team games, on all the time, it was great. Loved playing with master, paars, hallali, Oz, xuul, capt_planet, liquid, shotz, G, nelson, sovereign, Comnenus, Rippe, atlas, adrien, myopia, emperror, madman, squeegie, agent_orange and many many others. whom I feel obligated to mention.

Now, saddened that the community is small. I miss 3 team games running simultaneously. Hope to see more play and look forward to this years tourney if it is even worth having one.

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Cpt-Idla ()
Date: April 22, 2012 02:59AM

XuuL Wrote:
> 1) 1 army stunning phase (2003)
> - it was possible to stop the movement of a whole
> army by attacking it with just 1 unit
> - the development tatic was equal as today (just
> a slower start)
> - the fighting strategy was leaned on the
> stunning tactic

Hah, I remember that attack stunning stuff. And there were no images for forts, keeps, and castles. They were represented by a horizontal line underneath the number!

Guess I first found this place in 2003 then. Yes that feels right, I was linked to the game. Messed around with it for a bit off and on, but probably didn't get too far into testing out the game and seeing the best way to develop and such. That came later in 2005 when I really started to test out the game to find tricks and the best methods for developing.

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: eph ()
Date: April 25, 2012 09:07PM

hi i started playing around 2009, as my real name Edwin then Sir-Edwin, then ephedrine and currently eph for whispering reasons. i remember trying to avoid *madman* at all cost because he would take my cap every time we met LOL, seems things have turned around nowa days hehe.
i also remember getting my ass kicked by a guy called *Shadow* duno if you guys ever remember that name. this guy actualy stalked me for a few days in FFA games trying to kill me thats were i learnd to protect my cap at all times.I also remember showing *malakira* (new player at the time) how to save up then buy large armies in strategic places in spring when i was getting good

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: May 04, 2012 12:25AM

eph no mentioning me of helping you get better at the game?:( lol its okay

besides, it don't matter when I would've joined I would own anyway. always! ":p

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: eph ()
Date: May 31, 2012 01:25AM

ah you make me feel bad now, i didnt want to go into a long speel about things but ya i would gladly say you and i spent many hours chating up on msn and talking about strategies cheers

Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Akiran ()
Date: June 17, 2012 04:20PM

Hey I'm Malakira started playing sometime about 28 months ago I remember being a complete newbie at the time which is normal i suppose, but also the infamous quitter of that time period, over the years I studied the strategies of various players like Leres, Eph, and Paars. I have to mention Lolcracker as he was my rival at the time both learning from Sir Edwin even though we all technically were horrible at playing. Now I guess I earned myself a reputation of being adept at the game, lets bring this back, bring the community back.


Re: Reminiscing of the beginning
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: June 24, 2012 10:11AM

EmpError, ReverendKwon is one of Rippe's aliases.

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