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Mysteries of .... The Score Table
Posted by: Tiffany ()
Date: February 09, 2009 05:39PM

This may be an insignificant matter to serious players who don't care about such trivia but....
Have you noticed the new score table now at last seems almost comprehensible. The culture score which once just either read the number 1 or 2 now i have worked out gives you a score of three for every advanced region you have, two for developed and one for primitive. While that is ridiculous, it is better at least than just numero uno or deux.
The whole score table tho still does not add up right. frustratingly it is out by just a few hundred or so. If you add all the columns to get the total, it does not tally, Some logarithm is still applied to reach the correct result.
I think personally the points for culture should ignore priimitve and be maybe 5 for developed and 10 for advanced. Or maybe 50 and 100 and do away with the logarithm. if you give points equal to the value of a thing in the first place then you dont need advanced mathematics to balance it up at the end.
But i don't want to be negative I love the new score graph. It's uber sexy. Mine always shows a healthy start followed by a major recession leading to green shoots of recovery... if i can avoid nasty outcomes.

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