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Game of The Day
Posted by: Tiffany ()
Date: February 11, 2009 09:29PM

Okay, if only to annoy Master and Limbo, i am beginning a new thread which i am asking all on here to contribute to.
Great players and us less than great, write up an account of a memorable game.
I and, i am sure, others would love to read how you personally see the game and play the game. Your strategies, advice, frustrations and delights.
But please not just insulting or attacking someone.
I will kick off with just a fun 2 v 2...

2 v 2's i always associate with the superstars of the game, you expect to see names like Paars, Master, PimpsterX, Nelson in such.
But this game was a bag full of rookies, though all very promising. Dr Bozo was that new to the game that even though the host was horrified to find that Saxony put him right in the middle. I was down in Nicea but promised him i would get up to help him as soon as possible.
Booboo i think it was up in UK. i had little contact with him. He kept apologizing as he was "trying something new." ....."and it wasn't working."
Soomy was his team mate in Spain, undaunted by Booboo's failed experiments, he was up for a fight and Dr Bozo was the man to give him one !
i left them too it, scrapping it out for France, until Booboo's entry into the fray; largely the result of Dr Bozo taking the fight to England too.
The good Doctor then sent word to me he needed "the help of a nurse." I assured him i was on my way.
I had been blessed by some lush provinces around me and had developed them nicely. I immediately began my advance. I was into southern France the following year with 50+ and felt i owed it to Soomy to warn him,
" Guard your Capital.! "
His 9 Capital troops faced my 40 attackers but he had another 18 alongside my troops. He got first move but ignored my attackers and sent his 18 into
France to continue the scrap with Bozo!.....Well, why trouble yourself with domestic trivia like defending, when there's a fight to be had !
His Capital fell and with winter his troops were decimated. but undeterred he informed me i would have to chase him to kill him as he fled into Africa.
I am not sure how the game ended as it was late for me and i retired at that point but i very much suspect it carried on as no one seemed much concerned that by all conventional standards the game was over.
Thanks guys for a fun game.

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: Limbo ()
Date: February 11, 2009 09:45PM

Why would this annoy me o.O?

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: March 05, 2009 11:42AM

today i played a hell of a game, it was a ffa as good as ffa can be. me in ulster, sid in burgundy, iger in nicaea, d4jev in ukraine, zumbi23 in tunis and basti68 in palestine. while i was lookin forward to a nice uk development hang out i early peaced up with sid who already owned half the coastline and central europe. iger was hard fighting d4jev in an absolute underdog underdeveloped shituation, natolia was in ai hands all the fight and igers cap was in constant threat to be taken by ai. but he did great fighting d4jev and finally cracked ukraine. then basti68 joined in palestine and started soon attacking iger together with zumbi38 from tunis. iger now fighting 3 at maximum limits, sid doin his stuff in central europe and me farming and watching. as soon as basti68 joined the fight against iger i decided it was time to intervene as all honorable players do when 2vs1 is happening. but me in ulster and the enemies in tunis and palestine, iger getting attack by 3, fighting on limits... ... i took the way via scandinavia first trying to take d4jev out, who was already under control of iger. but iger got cut off in bulgaria which made it hard for him to support his troops in siege in ukraine. somehow i made my way through muscovy lithuania prussia poland transylvania to serbia all around sid in central europe. in this time iger lost his cap to zumbi23 but regained it due to smart movin and cutoffs.
when i finally arrived in macedonia i was able to protect igers westfront while he could focus on basti68 in palestine. i was able to defend macedonia while iger and basti68 got a double k.o., loosing both of the caps to the enemy in the same turn. with the superior experience iger was able to regain control over his cap.
while i made my way through dalmatia and venetia i saw sid concentrating over 200 troops in his cap, ulster had then 0 troops to defend. i immediatly started buying farms in ulster and around to a pop around 140k each. i cleared macedonia for iger to get after the last remaining enemy of him, zumbi23. then i decided to make some defensive troops in ulster and all surrounding lands just in case... in the same turn sid (backstabbing) sent his 490 units up to my cap so they would reach ulster in winter i bought and draw troops together in ulster and venetia to backdoor sid who left his cap with only 23 units defense.
i had 390 units in ulster, sid with over 400 in northumberland and 60 in wales.
sids cap burgundy had 23, me in helvetica with 45 units. i had some luck with the moves and got my cap protected and cracked burgundy the same turn, ruining sid and deciding the game. even though sid, zumbi and basti were newbs and d4jev slightly above complete newb this game was damn fun and iger kept up a good fighters spirit. congrats to iger for this amazing fighting!
ffa still is the foundation of conq and can be incredible fun.

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: Scum ()
Date: March 05, 2009 12:37PM


Might of just been a typo, but props for making a kick ass word up.

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: March 05, 2009 01:44PM

lol, good one..

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: March 11, 2009 06:05PM

A 3v3.

Ulster - Saxony - Lithuania
IBG - LNO - Limbo

Gazi - Osetsky - Oz
Castile - Corsin - Nicaea

Fair enough lands. A little advantage in south, though. Also equal good starts, perfect conditions for a good 3v3. But it didn't take long before luck begin to skrew north, and all in south gets advantage. But then luck turns for me, so i finally gets the important firstmoves, and good ratios.

Then there doesn't happen much in the game..

South get their advantage bigger, while i keep a high pressure on Osetsky. Then both north sides begin to lose, so i know i got to get Corsinca soon. I mannage to get 150 troops going.. Limbo also took out Oz's army in Macedonia, leaving me with only Gazi and Osetsky. Gazi have seen it, and sends his army to attack, but because of a mistake from him, it doesn't do any damage on my army. when i get to Genoa, i got 128 left, against Osetsky's 80 in cap + 40 in lands around Corsinca. He gets 2-3 moves before my first, but i still mannaged to get Cosinca in winter.

South played on, and for some reason, limbo got advantage for some time in east. Almost every winter for the next 4-6 years, i get Corsinca, but lose it to Gazi the turn after.

Limbo also tried with some capkillers, but Oz got lucky. Time goes.. The thing that decided it, was a turn where Gazi had 50 in genoa, and Osetsky had 60 in Corsinca. Osetsky said that he would attack Genoa, and did it on 5th move.. But for some reason got all his moves before Gazi's.. And killed everyone, leaving nothing for me to kill.. :'( By this time all in north had a chance.

A damn good game. :) Totally forgot to read during moves.
Sry for any English grammer mistakes, but im still going to school.

ZoxBeatOthers is out. :)

Everything is nothing.. Or just 42!

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Re: Game of The Day
Posted by: Limbo ()
Date: April 02, 2009 08:57PM

corsinca :)

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