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Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: February 25, 2009 10:45PM

From the instructions:
There are three levels of fortifications possible in a province: fort, keep, and castle. A fort can hold one army, a keep two, and a castle three armies. (A fort is upgraded to a keep and a keep upgrades to a castle, so you can't have more than one of any of these in the same province.) The battle doesn't move to the fortifications until all the armies in the field have been eliminated. So, in a province with eight defenders and a castle, only three will fit in the castle, so the other five fight with only the usual 10% bonus in pitched battle ("in the field") and do not benefit from the protection of the castle. However if these outside armies are defeated, then the battle becomes a siege, and the defenders benefit from the protection of the castle, fort, or keep in the province.

A fort gives a 50% bonus; a keep provides a 100% bonus, and a castle extends a whopping 200% bonus.

Fortifications Table

fort keep castle
garrison size 1 army 2 armies 3 armies
defense bonus to garrison 50% 100% 200%
Yet I think we all agree this isn't how they work. Anyone have some insight into the mystery of fortifications?

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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: Lancelot ()
Date: February 26, 2009 12:08AM

I won't spend my time to explain how they work, but rather will give you some examples about how some players take them so easily:

- Jenny sends one of her friends in to invite the soldiers to a party outside, and while they are getting drunk in the party she enters in and takes the fortification.
- Tiffany uses a similar tactic with some difference. She does the dirty job herself. She makes the invites, dance with the soldiers in the party, make them drunk and conquers the fortification.
- Master uses flying troops originally invented by Paars they just move in out of nowhere and kicks the asses of the soldiers inside.
- DirtyHarry rapes all the women outside, skips the fortification and marches through his opponents cap. In a few turns his sons and daughters get the fortification for him anyways.
- Xuul uses the admin button as usual, and kills all with just one click.
- Rippe uses the secret German technology: the panzer. He destroys the front gate with one shot and slaughters all the soldiers afterward.
- Squeegie just enters from the hidden backdoor and kills all inside at night.
- Lancelot enters from the backdoor, kills Squeegie's men and locks the backdoor.
- And Izzle, ah he doesn't care about these issues anymore. He goes to the beach and drinks his beer with a beautiful girl during the sunset, and thanks Jenny's friends and especially Tiffany for the experiences he learned from them during sieges :P



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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: Myopia ()
Date: February 26, 2009 01:02AM

I am pretty sure that is how it works, except that a fort will hold 5, a keep 10, and a castle 25.

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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: Tiffany ()
Date: February 26, 2009 10:20AM

So Lancelot is a backdoor specialist !

You missed Hallali. She stands in front of the Fortification and explains at length what an utter waste of money the whole edifice is until all defenders leave red faced and demoralised and even the mortar and bricks start to crumble with the verbal onslaught.

Nice to see a shout out to Izzle , I often wonder where he is now, does he still remember us all or are we just a distant memory only surfacing when he hears a short blast on a trumpet or when in winter he finds himself stone broke and wonders how he could ever do a Jenny in real life.

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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: hallali ()
Date: February 27, 2009 02:44PM


I would cook them some bavarian style knuckle of the porc with lots of grease and crispy skin, red cabbage and dumplings, and beer to drown it. They are so stuffed with food they immediately fall to sleep, I enter the castle with my cooking knife and butcher them serve knuckle of whatever to the next fortification on my way.

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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: empError ()
Date: May 23, 2009 07:13PM

I agree that Lance is a backdoor-stabber.

And DirtyHarry at least uses the alternative tactic of sacrificing goats, pigs, etc..

I always use a Trojan horse to get in forts, but that only works vs. naive players.

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Re: Forts, Keeps, Castles oh my
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: May 24, 2009 11:18AM

yeah empe, its big fun to see you sitting in the head of this huge wooden horse giving maneuver commands to your willing men sweating on the second floor. even though many planks get lost along the way somehow your trojan horse manages to get up all the way to my fort only to realize that its too big to fit through the suddenly damn small gate. of course i will open myself and hand you a mug of that delicious german beer my highly cultured people always i send you home with some kegs of this delicacy wishing you better luck next time...

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