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evaluation 4 vs 4 game
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: May 18, 2009 06:17PM

The 4v4 game is often discredited as being imballanced or having too much luck involved.

I certainly agree that the larger the teams, the more luck is involved. But I have no doubt that 4 good players will beat 4 average players every game. The amount of luck a person enjoys in a game varies... Some people enjoy chess (no luck), others enjoy spades (some luck), and others enjoy roullette (total luck). Many players seem to enjoy the larger Conqeror games so here I am talking about one.

Now, the imballanced part... People like to complain. In a 4 corners map (4 corners verses 4 middle), some people complain that the corners have the advantage because they don't have to defend their backside... others complain that the middles have the advantage because they can more easily double team and have more land... I say it's a pretty even match. Sure there are imballanced maps due to luck of the starting lands or bad map making skills (yes I'm guilty of that sometimes), but for the most part it's about 50/50 in a 4 corners map.

Making of a 4 corners map:
The key is to find a map where only 1 pair of opponents is close to eahcother (ie has only 2 lands separating enemy capitals). I've only seen 1 map where there were 0 pairs of opponenets that close... the fewere the better. That's about all you have to worry about when making a map.

I happen to enjoy a variety of Conqueror maps, although I do admit to being partial to playing with larger teams mostly for the social aspect. The more people, the more fun the chat is. I'm afraid I don't enjoy Conqueror quite enough to just play... the social aspect really adds to my enjoyment.

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Re: evaluation 4 vs 4 game
Posted by: live4games ()
Date: July 29, 2009 04:38AM

what is with 4vs5 (we played yesterday) the 5 won or 1time we made a 3vs5 but! the 5 lost! well master was in the 3 team with paars and hst? i thinkand they had the many lands in east and in our team the capital lands were very close.
i thougt really they had no chance

4vs5 and 3vs5 are normally e vs w

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Re: evaluation 4 vs 4 game
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: July 29, 2009 05:10PM

I enjoy the odd number games... but it's crucial that the smaller team have stronger players.
I especially enjoy any team game where it's not obvious who's going to attack who from the beginning.

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