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'deez hoes
Posted by: Scum ()
Date: May 28, 2009 10:51PM

I be in da streetz of da ulster when dat punk mofo down in da grenada roll up on me like he hard or sumting.

I bust a cap in yo azz fo' thinking dat be wat he be. sho that foo' what deez streetz bout. deez doughs and deez hoes.

I roll up in da club luxemburg and burn dat joint down lik it mah blunt. On da way out I slap dat ho and told him "get on yo knees and pleez da king of Ulster".

I take over the world but I gotz to get back home to my womens, ya know how it be. Keep the ladies happy and they be keeping me happy. Just 'member now, don't be messing wid my hoes.

Ya feel me?

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Re: 'deez hoes
Posted by: Schopenhauer ()
Date: May 29, 2009 01:46AM

You really got to much spare time.. :P
But it's always nice to have something to read when ever you are bored with Conqueror. So please Scum, keep 'em coming so that my life wont get dull and miserable.. :)

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Re: 'deez hoes
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: May 29, 2009 06:40AM

no, i dont feel ya, king o ulster. but to me it feels as if you had an accident with your bicycle.

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