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New Sex Option
Posted by: Squeegie ()
Date: May 01, 2010 08:19AM

The sex options are a bit limiting and leave me pondering just what I should choose. Please add a new sex to the options:
Male / Female / Squeeg

As for the prestige levels, I recommend the following:
Baron / Baroness / Squire
Count / Countess / Squirm
Duke / Duchess / Squiggle
Prince / Princess / Squeegtastic
King / Queen / Squeeginator
Emperor / Empress / Ultimate Squeeg

This change will address all the sexes represented in the game and will prevent any lawsuits that might creep up due to discrimination. I look forward to seeing the change!

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Re: New Sex Option
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: May 02, 2010 04:24PM

Fine joke :)

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Re: New Sex Option
Posted by: Attila ()
Date: February 10, 2011 03:07PM

I would recommend:

Baron / Baroness / Squoob
Count / Countess / Squooble
Duke / Duchess / Squoobster
Prince / Princess / Squoobolino
King / Queen / Squoobness
Emperor / Empress / Squooberella

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