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How do you play this game? I can't figure it out! Why can't I attack? How does production work? And other questions not covered by the brief help page. 
The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: February 05, 2009 11:12AM

you will start with your capital and a bit of money...

1. the capital, core of your empire!

the capital as the core of your empire is of highest importance because once you loose it, you can´t make gold anymore therefore you can´t buy any troops, which will break your neck in a war. So protect it if you get attacked! to get a working empire it is necessary that you have a working capital. the start is always the same for your capital:

turn 1 buy 2 troops
turn 2 build farms
turn 3 buy troops
turn 4 advance culture
turn 8 build farms
turn 9 build farms
turn 10 congratulations you have a 60.000 advanced culture capital!

youre capital is now ready to support you with troops or money.

(advanced tactic: when your capital is 60.000 advanced, you can levy taxes to buy farms or developments in your countrys to grow faster!)

2. expansion, grow to survive!

from turn 1 on, try to expand. for every other country you conquer, you will get a little amount of money that should be invested in buying troops/farms. attack other countries with 1 troop more then the defending country has. if the defending country has a fort, attack with twice the troops it has. the priorities of countries to attack should be:

1. developed culture
2. ressources +2
3. ressources +1
4. biggest population

if you have a developed culture country next to your capital use it to make troops in the first turns to support your expansion. after your capital is 60.000 advanced use it to make troops for further expansion and build farms or develop culture in the other countries.

(advanced tactic: expand in direction to your enemy not away from him/her!)

3. rebellion, no more!

as your capital will not rebel, you can leave it empty. all bordering countries will need 1 troop to avoid rebellion. Only 2 steps away from your capital, you will be confronted with countries that are rebellious to you, to calm them down just put 1 troop per 10.000 population in these countries. rebellion rate will slowly decrease. when the countrys status gets restless, you can move out all units but 1. always have at least 1 unit in every country even if it is devoted!

(advanced tactic: buy developed/advanced culture on a “road” to your enemy, or in strategic important positions to lower rebellion in fighting areas.)

4. culture & population, its all about constant growth!

this is maybe the most important part of conqueror, it will decide about your firepower and your success in war. As soon as you moved out of your capital i strongly recommend you to build farms up to 40.000 population in primitive countries then switch to develop culture. as soon as it has developed culture, build some troops there or switch back to build farms till 60.000 population, then switch to advance culture. In developed countries build farms up to 60.000 population then switch to advance culture. doing this will give you a solid foundation for your empire.

(advanced tactic: developed countries with resources +1/+2 can be farmed up to 70.000 population before switched to advance culture, it will now take only 3 turns to advance not 4)

5. money, use it!

the amount of money that can be made in one country depends on population and culture. the only reason for culture and population is the capability to produce lots of gold to buy/pay troops. every step away from your capital will cost you 1 gold per troop, but 1 troop per 10.000 population is free no matter how far away a country is. so you may place 4 troops in a 40.000 populated country for free! putting 8 troops in a 40.000 populated country can cost 4 - >40 gold (depending on the distance to your capital). in winter, check the costs by pressing the info button on the left side of the screen. you can also see the troop costs for each country in the general information box of every country. more important then making lots of money is to build up your countries so that in emergency you can switch and make even more money. BUT it is very important to have enough money in winter to pay your troops otherwise they will desert and leave rebellious countries. desertion will start in the countries most distant from your capital.

(advanced tactic: spend all money you are getting by expansion/spring for troops or farms/culture. only make money when you need it (mostly in winter))

6. war, its your turn now!

for war everyone has his/her own philosophies, but several things should be known:
- its all about your enemys capital, get it and you will get all his/her gold!
- without a capital your enemy cant make any gold...
- the order in which you make your moves is very important, you can get enemy territories by counter-strikes or cut him/her off in winter by clever moves.
- winter is the best time to crack a opponents capital, because almost all enemy troops will desert when the capital is yours.
- in war times switch all countrys to gold and fight with full force, go straight for the enemys capital.
- attacking is the best defense.
- good luck!

general tips

- play vs games! no matter if its 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, they are very competitive and will teach you the basics pretty fast.
- registered players can whisper! other players cant read what you write to someone.
- losing makes you strong! you wont learn much when winning a game but you will surely learn if you understand why you have lost.
- diplomats and fortifications are useless, better invest in troops/farms/culture

mistakes, new players do and veteran players did (some still do)!

-producing troops in small and primitive countries over many turns
-No growth in population or culture
-Building farms in your capital before advancing culture at 40.000 pop
-Having money but not using it
-having units but not using them
-having not enough money in winter to pay troops
-not putting at least 1 troop in every country, risking rebellion
-uneven developed countries ( some are 90.000 adv others are 30.000 primitive)
-stopping of further development or farming during war
-stopping of further expansion during war

for more detailed information on how things are in conqueror check this:

the official introduction:

for other informations concerning tactics also check this:

Gzavs tutorial

Paars strategys

detailed information on some interesting more detailed conq stuff can be found here:

the licentious lesbians

Pongos border list:

general informations concerning the conqueror community:

the conquerorgame dictionary:

the history of conqueror:

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: February 06, 2009 08:01AM

Amen! Good post Rippe, really could help some people.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: hallali ()
Date: February 07, 2009 01:45PM

I like it too. It will help people to get a certain level from where to develop further. I think there is a major risk to be frustrated when trying this game out. The Instructions..well we all know the instructions.

Some buttons aren´t really visible (like the buy button, took me 6 months to discover it) and if you have bad luck you have 2 aggrssive ais that beat the shit out of you and you don´t know why you loose troops in winter.

Good job.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: Lancelot ()
Date: March 08, 2009 10:34PM

This is a nice post for new players. It's avoiding complex tactics that may confuse them, and simple to understand.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: October 02, 2009 08:12AM

just wanted to put this one back on top, i think its still a good starter.

4. advanced tactic II: countries with +1 ressources can be farmed up to 50.000 pop before developing culture, it will then just take 3 turns to develop not 4. +2 countries need only 40.000 pop to develop culture in 3 turns.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: Paars ()
Date: December 16, 2009 04:58PM

I suggest developping +2 countries at 20k when possible it takes as long as 40k, but it will be devoted/supportive much quicker hence faster advancing + faster spreading culture.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: LikeNoOthers ()
Date: December 16, 2009 05:18PM

Its seems to be taking the same time, unless the +2 20k only takes 1 turn to build farm.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: July 01, 2010 09:36AM

basic adjustments:
you can resize the map! use the zoom button in the upper right corner to max zoom out, its much more comfortable to play like that and you have a far better general overview of the map.

press the chat button when playing a game so you can chat to other players while playing.

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Re: The Introductional Guide To The World Of Conqueror
Posted by: -RIPPE- ()
Date: June 15, 2011 10:06AM

paars n lno, i would always suggest to farm lands up to a certain population (40k-70k) so you will have a higher troop production if they have to be switched in case of emergency. even though it makes good sense to speed up devotion.
especially when beginning this game its a better advice to manage your lands to a well balanced empire that is capable to attack but also to defend with the right punch.
this guide is meant to give simple but solid information of real gameplay value especially for beginners. the rest is tactics and strategy which is more related to ability and general experience.

6. advanced tactic: the counterstrike. the counterstrike is one of the very basic war moves, that can be extremely effective, sometimes even game deciding. the main idea of the counterstrike is to move troops into a borderland with the first move, dodge an enemys attack and then counterattack with the second (third,forth or fifth) move. if experienced this technique once, you will have a deeper understanding for the importance of your move order.

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