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Announcing: Conqueror:TEAMS Beta!
Posted by: Alexey ()
Date: February 13, 2013 09:29PM

I'm pleased to announce the new version (working title: "Conqueror:TEAMS") is in beta, and it's already as stable and fun to play as the original. Plus it has some improvements to the experience -- better AI's, new maps, for example -- without changing the rules.

And of course, as the name suggests: it's ideal for team play.

Leaving the old Shockwave version behind wasn't entirely a happy decision, but it was nearly impossible to maintain it because of Adobe's less than stellar support of the Director environment. The product became unusable, and it was frustrating to not be able to make updates and feature requests.

So also you should know: We are closing the old Bug Reports, Developer's Notes and Feature Requests forums but will leave them open for reference as long as the Shockwave version is up.

This new forum is your chance to express what you like about the new version, what you feel is missing, and of course your endless praise. Please be kind to the developers, for us this has always been a labor of love and the new version is no different.

Finally this can never be said too loudly or enough: Many thanks to Xuul for leading the Conqueror:TEAMS project and porting the code! His selfless and tireless devotion to the project comes from nothing but enthusiasm for the game itself, and it's both flattering and humbling to have a new version ported based on the love of the game alone. He has been an asset to the entire Conqueror community. I would also like to extend my personal thanks to everyone who has assisted with bug reports and feature requests, as well as playtesting.

Also extra special thanks to Halali for contributing the new maps. I'm excited about the future of this game and you'll be seeing a lot of changes over the next year. Stay tuned for news about mobile gaming, too!

Finally: we'll be keeping the Shockwave version up for a little while, but not forever.... We hope that you'll find in time that as the new version gets better, you'll be happy to leave it behind.

yours in conquest,

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