Release notes 1.2.2
Posted by: XuuL ()
Date: May 28, 2015 04:44AM

1.2.2 comes with following changes

- Battle calculations for forts/keeps/castles
- Several country names of europe 1200 Ad (desmond -> cornwall, cumen -> cumania)

General improvements:
- none

Lobby improvements:
- none

Game improvements:
- Predefined team maps for europe 1200 Ad (part of 1.2.1)
- Castles can only be build once per player and reduce support costs by 2 gold per unit

Summary of fort/keep/castle features:
fort: 1-5 units have double strength; sight is increased by 1
keep: 1-20 units have double strength; sight is increased by 2
castle: 1-30 units have double strength; sight is increased by 3, support costs are reduced by 2

Big thanks to attila who reported the bugs regarding battle calcs and pointed out the naming issues.


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Re: Release notes 1.2.2
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: June 25, 2015 03:53PM

So this is my first post on the forums after a while but I found a few errors with the new update XuuL. Let me just say I really like how the castle reduces troop upkeep, it's a fresh mechanic for late-game strategies which unfortunately I rarely see other players utilize fully yet.

So I played 2v2 on Europe 1200 A.D. map (16/06) and discovered you can:
- make more than one castle per player, as long as previous one is destroyed
- make two or more castles if they complete on the same turn
- conquer an enemy's land with castle, downgrading it into a keep, then re-upgrading it into a castle.

Of course, this rarely happens since you need to be an oil baron to afford buying more than one castle at a time. but it's possible. imo this is pretty OP in long teamgames.

Re: Release notes 1.2.2
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: June 25, 2015 05:24PM

Double posting to clarify:

- It's not possible to build 2 castles at the same time, bad info sorry. tried testing it.
- Secondly, my understanding is if you downgrade an opponent's castle, it should be permanently destroyed and cannot be rebuilt by any other player.

But you can make as multiple castles per player as long as old one is downgraded.

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Re: Release notes 1.2.2
Posted by: XuuL ()
Date: June 26, 2015 04:32AM

Hey Fenix,

nice to read you again :)

The way you describe castles is the way they are designed. Maybe the explanation is a little bit misleading: It should be something like: "Every player can only have one castle at the same time." This includes that you can rebuild it if it gets downgraded.

I have found a strategy which works nice:
- buy a castle in winter
- place 200 troops in there
=> castle is for free (because you save 200 gold in that winter)

I played it several times and it works like a death punch.. avoiding slow-death-games

Re: Release notes 1.2.2
Posted by: Fenix ()
Date: June 26, 2015 04:11PM

Yes the explanation in Lobby chat is very misleading. As of now it implies that each player can only build 1 castle and if successfully attacked, it's destroyed (for good). And castles reduce support costs by 1 gold per troop not 2.

"Castles are now stronger. They reduce support costs in winter by 2 gold per soldier. In addition, they can be only build once per player and get destroyed if successfully attacked."

Just like you said though, castle is pretty nice investment in long games. Managed to use it several times where opponent forced to pull back or pay more :)

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