Rendering a HTML5 version without uploading
Posted by: Williamhawk ()
Date: November 20, 2017 01:17AM


The question I have might be rather odd, but here's the context:
I have a large game (3GB), and around 120 scenes. When I upload it online and generate a Mac version, everything works fine. But when I request a HTML5 version, the resulting file is completely broken (I tried nevertheless to wrap it and have an EXE version - nothing came except a blank screen when launched). After going back and forth and doing some tests, I arrived at the conclusion that:

A/ it wasn't about the size (I uploaded last year a game that was also 3GB and everything went smoothly)
B/ the issue was not caused by the number of scenes
C/ rather it was one or some specific scenes that were causing the problem.

Now I am trying to see at which scene will the generated file break. So I managed to test the first 60 scenes (uploaded online - generated a HTML5 version - wrapped it and have an EXE version) and so far everything works. But is there a way to test or to come up with a HTML5 file without publishing and generate over and over again? Because the whole process for 1 scene takes about 3hours, and times 60 scenes that really a drag! Please note that the HTML5 Preview doesn't give any valuable information.

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