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Including a basic HTML5 video element
Posted by: Williamhawk ()
Date: April 05, 2018 03:39AM


I'm currently trying to include a generic HTML5 video tag in my project, and it doesn't seem to be working when run on the simulator. I haven't tried it yet on device. I'm not seeing any errors in the simulator, and for some reason the video tag always reports a 0x0 dimension, even when they are specified in the tag. Video is definitely not playing in any case - I hear no sound. I've also tried breaking it out to a video tag with a source tag within specifying the mp4, but I get the same thing. Is there a simple example I can work from that includes an html5 video tag? Even something absolutely basic will do the trick. Otherwise, if I should instead be looking for a phonegap plug-in of some kind, I'd very much welcome any advice there as well.

Please help.

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