Army Kraken
Posted by: Kutuzov ()
Date: November 27, 2019 09:39AM


Since a year or so sometimes in a late game there are turns where one or often several attacks by human player lead to all attacking armies dissapearing completely, at no loss to the defender.

Means: "Kutuzov attacks Sicily with 56 Armies" and it doesn't matter if there are 3 defending armies or 120, my 56 are gone and Sicily doesn't lose a single army. It basically feels like the opposing side waved a wand and made them all drop down dead on the spot.

The incidents are infuriating, but happen rarely enought, so I can neither reproduce them nor do they keep me from playing. However, seeing half your armies wiped out in a turn for no enemy losses is annoying. Anyone else having this experience? I searched the Forum but didnt find any matching threads.



P.S.: I've been playing mostly by myself in the past three years (sorry, guys), partly because I think I've become as good as a player as I ever will be, which is still significantly worse than most of the regular team players I've encountered (you guys rock!), party because of work and kids - no time for long intensive sessions. Thank you, XuuL, for many awesome days of gaming spent here.

P.P.S.: No jokes about that I should be used to senseless losses given my nickname :)

P.P.P.S I named the post after KSP, of course.

Re: Army Kraken
Posted by: Comrade-D ()
Date: April 16, 2020 05:15AM

can't say i know what would cause this other than not enough gold come winter time, but i know you know about this and that it isn't this.

One possible explanation: poor connection?

I've had a few rare episodes where I could have sworn something (icon) would have been done with it's building, only to discover it needed another year, or a time when (again, i could have sworn) a single troops movement that should have happened but didn't (no, nothing was taken)...
Couldn't help but notice my connection was faulty all that day.

Another possible explanation: bug
Which i doubt, because a bug would be more prevalent, or persisting, and not rare as you stated.

Being that it is a rare occurrence, might as well keep on conquering.


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